A Horse Is a Horse


A horse is a horse, of course of course
Unless that horse is a tool of the state.
In which case this poor creature has been forced
for consent it cannot communicate.

Its rider sitting atop its back,
the horse think it’s just giving a ride
To the nice men who feed it out back
in the stables where the horse resides.

The horse knows not what’s going on
that its rider is in fact an enforcer
Wielding his badge, pistol and baton
to impose his interpretation of order.

Horses were meant to gallop and play
be petted, cared for and loved
Not to be used in this unnatural way
To look down on people from above. [Read more…]

A Heartfelt “Thank You”


My friend left us today. I don’t know what to say, or what one is supposed to say, to make any of it better. I’m sure I’d screw it up anyway. What I will do is give him what I owe him: “thank you” from the bottom of my heart for what I witnessed with my own two eyes.

Shem Kellogg was one of the early giants in the New Hampshire liberty movement. I’ve heard he did a lot for the Ron Paul campaign. I know him from the Free State Project. When I was still living in Phoenix and wanted to acquire FSP literature to pass out, he was my point of contact. When I went to a Young Americans for Liberty conference in California in early 2013 to promote the FSP, Andrew Vermiglio, who has since joined us in New Hampshire, was there too, with a bunch of flyers Shem had shipped out to him. When I finally met Shem later that year, it was through going to conferences to promote the FSP.


Some of the best memories of my life were going with Shem and Carla to conferences to get signers to move to New Hampshire. Those two were insane workhorses for liberty. In fact, when you’d see the pie charts of signer sources, a large chunk came from Shem and Carla. That’s right, just two people doing their best for liberty got to be their own major category; in close competition with even Free Talk Live, with its constant barrage of the liberty message through radio stations across America. They were just that driven, just that good. I still remember dressing in my best suit from my DC days, giving my most professional and polished speech to a prospective signer, and just looking over at Shem, with his stubble and half tucked-in shirt, getting way more than me with his charmingly relaxed “Dude we’re just like trying to get people to move to New Hampshire for liberty I guess” approach.

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Welcome to New Hampshire, Slow Children


My professor keeps talking. About the importance of punctuation?
I think spelling. And grammar are more important?
She? Puts way too much. Emphasis on…punctuation
I should have went? When the class ended,
but the nearest restroom was designated only to be used by pregnant elderly children and the disabled.
I ran into some friends I made. At my freshman orientation, they asked me how I liked university life
I excitedly replied I love fucking college guys!!!!
After, school I went to a nearby.
Restaurant and was told I’d start my meal with breadsticks and my table. Was ready in seconds?
But I changed my mind about eating. At the restaurant, I thought, of an excuse…to leave.
I told the waiter, “Sorry my stomach is not feeling well. I cannot eat diarrhea.”
I don’t often..Go to restaurants: alone.
I usually eat out my friend Francine. And I we, prefer the diner in our neighborhood.
They cook these delicious burgers and pretty waitresses! Refill your water glasses when you are low.
Next, I had plans. To go visit my grandma across town, she loves surprise visits.
On the way I grabbed a chicken, taco soda and hot dog from a street vendor.
Then, I stopped at my grandma’s, house where she offered — me? — a piece of cake.
“No thank, you I said
I already ate Grandma.
On the way…home. I got a call from this chick. I just started seeing!
You might say:things are. Getting hot — and heavy– between — us.
She had three hours to kill her friend. Had just dropped, her off downtown.
I, told her I was horny. And asked, if she wanted to have sex tonight,
to which she replied “I wanna baby.”