God Isn’t Political

jesus squad

Hate to break it to you: God doesn’t vote like you do. No, you haven’t secured the approval of the Almighty for your opinions. Whatever greater power or purpose exists, you can be sure it doesn’t conform to your point of view on how the world works.

There’s nothing wrong with involving your personal and religious beliefs in your worldview and activism. In fact, it’s to be expected. Our belief system, if we’re serious about it, should affect our decisions. The difference is between acting based on our faith, and believing the whole universe does the same.

The problem is, using your belief system to determine facts fundamentally misunderstands the purpose of religion. Faith is supposed to form your philosophy on the world and answer questions that science doesn’t address. It constitutes your perspective on the reality you see before you. When faith begins to replace reality instead of support it, and starts to deny science and have a very specific take on modern issues, that’s when you run into problems. [Read more…]

Weakness Is Not a Virtue


Be kind, be gentle, be humble. Let others go first. Put others’ needs ahead of your own. Don’t worry about claiming credit for anything, you’ll get your due in time. Nice guys come out ahead in the end. That’s what I was taught.

Total nonsense.

This is an issue I’ve struggled with for a long time. By nature, and nurture, I’ve lived by the code described above, and it’s burned me. Over time, I’ve come to recognize that much of what I thought was goodness was actually weakness. And weakness isn’t just unfortunate, it’s morally wrong. Yes, avoiding violence and confrontation is generally a good thing. But if an innocent is being threatened, doing nothing isn’t morally neutral, but morally negative.

The same applies if you yourself are the innocent in the equation. Of course self-defense and protection from theft are right, but that also extends to sticking up for yourself in general. If someone slanders you, it’s your duty to establish the truth. If someone steals credit for something you did, you should absolutely make sure that the record is set straight. Humility is a virtue, but it involves lifting others up, not over-emphasizing yourself and your deeds, and giving others the benefit of the doubt regarding credit. Allowing clear untruths to persist isn’t humility. It’s dishonesty and cowardice. [Read more…]

Do-Nothing Anarchists

couch potato

I love liberty. I hate government. Does that mean I want no government? Absolutely. Am I sympathetic to the anarchist cause? You bet. Do I see eye to eye with most fellow anarchists? Mostly no. This is because so many can tell you why government is awful. Many can even paint specific pictures of how they think a world without the state would look. Very few, though, have any actual clue on how to get from here to there.

The somber reality is that we live in a world dominated by nation-states. Governmental systems, from constitutional republics to democratic socialism, to outright monarchy or dictatorship, control, or claim to control, almost every inch of this planet. Government rules the world, and no amount of wishful thinking will make it go away or shrink in size and scope.

It annoys me to no end when I hear anarchists judging or ridiculing other libertarians for trying to “work within the system.” Sure, navigating through the difficult, painful process of either elections or legal battles is an uphill struggle, and can often lead to wasted effort and frustration. But it’s something that actually has the real potential to shrink government. Criticism of these efforts should only be accompanied by a more efficient solution for ending the state. And those proposed anarchist solutions are practically an endangered species, bordering on cryptozoology.

Here are some things that won’t end the state: [Read more…]