Jury Nullification to Fight Victimless Crimes: Interview with Kirsten Tynan

A victimless crime is where a person breaks the law while harming no one. These can range from failure to pay fines, registration and paperwork mixups, morality laws, and more, however the most common and egregious example of victimless crimes is drug prohibition, where a person could potentially spend a
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Jury Nullification to Fight Victimless Crimes: Interview with Kirsten Tynan

Free Market Disaster Relief is Superior

This is the transcript of episode eight of The LAVA Spurt podcast. You can listen to the audio of this Podcast episode here: http://media.blubrry.com/thelavaflow/content.blubrry.com/thelavaflow/The_Don_t_Wait_for_Government_Edition_-_TLS010.mp3   The free market saved countless lives in Louisiana the last several days while the government fiddled. This is the tenth episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Don't Wait for Government Edition. Louisiana finds
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Free Market Disaster Relief is Superior

US Army’s Accounting Off By Trillions of Dollars

The US Army's accounting department messed up big-time last year. How big? To the tune of $6.5 trillion. Oopsie. According to a Pentagon audit performed by the Inspector General's office of the Defense Department, the Army could not provide basic accounting information such as receipts and invoices for enough spending that
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US Army’s Accounting Off By Trillions of Dollars

Brazil’s Big Mistake: The Rio Games

A few weeks back the Olympic Games kicked off in Rio de Janeiro. Thousands of athletes from around the world came for two weeks to compete in all different sorts of events. Along with these athletes were legions of coaches, assistants, trainers, judges, referees, translators, journalists, and tourists. Over the
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Brazil’s Big Mistake: The Rio Games

Twitter Cracks Down on Terrorism, Bullying

Twitter has axed another 235,000 accounts for promoting terrorism. Over the last six months, the social media giant has added hundreds of thousands of banned accounts to its 360,000 ban total since about this time last year. This cleanup move has earned praise from the Anti-Defamation League, an organization protesting antisemitism
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Twitter Cracks Down on Terrorism, Bullying

Civil Disobedience for Entrepreneurship? Interview With Christopher David

Arcade City, the much-hyped ride-sharing app which promises to be the "Uber-killer" and the new face of the industry, is a company born out of conflict with authorities. Rising from the remains of the Free Uber campaign, Arcade City's CEO Christopher David set to work spreading the company's "regulations-be-damned" presence
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Civil Disobedience for Entrepreneurship? Interview With Christopher David

Olympic Gold Means More Gold for the Government

This is the transcript of episode nine of The LAVA Spurt podcast. You can listen to the audio of this Podcast episode here:


Olympic gold means more gold for the government. Thank you for joining me on the ninth episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Taxation is Nationalism Edition.

Olympic athletes are the very best at their sport, and they don’t get that way by accident. They spent thousands of hours perfecting their bodies, their technique, and their mindset to get where they are. They do this for their own personal glory, but, at least for Olympians, they also do it for nationalism. [Read more…]

Donald Trump Represents the Failure of the American Dream

trump dream

These are dark times for American politics. The Democratic Party has fielded a historically unpopular candidate embroiled in scandals rigging democracy, mishandling, and lying about, classified information, and selling weapons to terrorists. The Republican Party has seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by anointing a chosen one so revolting that his promise of villainy makes his opponent’s real-world evildoing seem tame by comparison. And yet, so many GOP voters were entranced by Donald Trump that he may have a very real shot at the presidency. Does this mean American voters are crazy? Maybe. Does it mean they have lost hope in a bright future? Definitely. Trump’s successful candidacy was only made possible by the passing of the American Dream.

The death of the rags-to-riches entrepreneur mythos

Trump’s ascendance to the role of champion of a noteworthy chunk of America represents the death of the rags-to-riches entrepreneur mythos. In a country that still believed in the determined immigrant fighting his way to the top, no one would care about a trust fund kid who managed to increase his considerable wealth by unimpressive margins while building an empire centered solely around name recognition. Unfortunately, based on the outcome of the Republican primary in 2016, it would seem that the country has lost faith. In short, Trump has only risen because the American Dream is dying. [Read more…]

Fitting the Description

drug war

In the years of President Kennedy,
a weed that had grown in Spanish Harlem
sprouted into Johnny.
Barely a year out of high school
when he was accosted by gang members on the street.

The two thugs hailed from the biggest gang in town,
so Johnny knew better than to resist.
Johnny fit the description of a young, up and coming drug dealer,
and the gang didn’t like competition.

“Where’s the dope?” they asked as they went through his pockets.
Despite insisting that he had none, the gang kidnapped him anyway,
hurling him into their wagon with the other young Puerto Rican men,
his wrists choking from the bracelets they gave him. [Read more…]

An Alternate Look at the NH Governor’s Race


With only a month left until the New Hampshire state primaries, the gubernatorial race is heating up on both sides. Major news outlets in the state have released several polls showing the Republican races to be narrowing to just two candidates: Chris Sununu and Ted Gatsas. On the Democratic side, the race is reportedly between Colin Van Ostern and Mark Connolly.

However, just how accurate are these polls? Are they really representative of the likely primary voters in the state? To answer that question, we covertly ran a poll that was selectively and anonymously released to groups of people, both Democrats and Republicans, who were identified as high probability primary voters. We found a significant difference between the major polls and our own. This poll had a sample size of 201 to represent the ~1,327,000 residents of the state. We omitted responses that did not provide an area code to substantiate residence. The following data was collected between 8/3/16 and 8/12/16 at a confidence level of 95% with a margin of error of (+/- 6.9%): [Read more…]

NH Cops Crack Down on Car Charity, Weed Garden

old car

New Hampshire police have been busy cracking down on all kinds of dangerous criminals, notably a charity garage and an old man’s impressive garden of cannabis plants.

The Good News Garage, a charity program that recycles cars for the needy, has had to suspend operations in Manchester due to a lack of a used car dealer license. This lack of a license is nothing new, as Good News Garage has operated there without one for the past decade. Only now did the issue come up at a council meeting, ending charity’s 10-year reign of paperwork-less terror.

It’s worth noting that the Good News Garage is a government-funded program, and as such, guilty of a good deal of waste. Still, while ending a wasteful government program is always a good thing, doing so to a charity program over a long-overlooked paperwork issue seems a little ridiculous. [Read more…]

Yet Another Victim of the State… and Facebook?

This is the transcript of episode eight of The LAVA Spurt podcast. You can listen to the audio of this Podcast episode here:



This is eighth episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Another Victim of the State Edition, where we talk about the death of another woman at the hands of police, and Facebook’s complicity.

The next time you think, “there ought to be a law,” remember that every law is backed up with the threat of violence, and even death. To make my point, let me tell you a little story. [Read more…]