The Revolution Will Be Digitized

Imagine a puzzle that became harder to solve each time you solved it. And those who answer this riddle are rewarded with chunks of data which serve as currency that threatens the greedy pigs who rely on you and I to replenish their troughs. This so-called threat is a digital rebel that hides deep in the crypt, outside of the corporate Ponzi
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The Revolution Will Be Digitized

Free State Project Reaches 15th Anniversary

The Free State Project (FSP) marks its 15th anniversary. The FSP was conceived as a project to move 20,000 liberty-minded activists to a single state in order to properly concentrate their efforts and achieve success in the political process. Over time, that goal has diversified, with less movers showing an interest
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Free State Project Reaches 15th Anniversary

Startup Societies : Interview with Thibault Serlet

The United States has traditionally been viewed as a bastion of freedom. Unfortunately, that ranking has slipped over recent years. According to Reporters Without Borders, the US freedom of the press ranking has slipped from 17th in the world to 49th since 2002. In regards to economic freedom, the US
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Startup Societies : Interview with Thibault Serlet

Gary Johnson Capitalizes on Cruz Snub, #NeverTrump

Former GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz urged Republican National Convention goers to "vote their conscience" instead of blindly supporting Donald Trump, a statement Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson took as an endorsement for his candidacy. Rather than endorse Trump, Cruz urged voters to non-specifically follow their conscience: "Vote for candidates up and down
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Gary Johnson Capitalizes on Cruz Snub, #NeverTrump

Democratic Party Gears Up to Crush School Choice

The Democratic Party has adopted language critical of school choice. During a session of the Democratic Platform Committee on July 7th, an amendment passed with near unanimous approval adding language to the party's platform critical of charter schools. The party will only support charter schools managed by government school boards (instead
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Democratic Party Gears Up to Crush School Choice

NH Police Conduct Mental Health Sensitivity Training

New Hampshire police have begun conducting sensitivity training for encounters with those with mental health issues. Police are conducting live-action simulations of encounters, with one officer role-playing the mentally ill, to adequately prepare for real encounters. The approach focuses on showing a concern for the citizen's wellbeing, and emphasizes a calm,
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NH Police Conduct Mental Health Sensitivity Training

Gang War Intensifies Between Cops and Antagonists

Black Lives Matter Black Friday

Three police officers have been shot in Baton Rouge, LA in an ongoing escalation of the budding conflict between cops and those who want cops dead.

In a shooting Sunday afternoon, three officers have been killed and three wounded. The attack comes right on the heels of a killing by police in Baton Rouge, and may be connected as a form of vengeance (details still pending).

This comes soon after a sniper in Dallas killed five cops in a shooting rampage, and was himself taken out by a robot-delivered bomb. The shooter appears to have been motivated by animosity against police for targeting and killing members of minority communities.

A violent response to decades of unrelenting police brutality

The recent escalation of violence against police can be seen as a response to unprecedented levels of police brutality. American confidence in police is at a 22-year low, the lowest since such confidence was measured immediately after the Rodney King beating of the early 90s. There is a large disparity in confidence in police between white and black Americans, and a full 40% of blacks polled have very little to no confidence in the US criminal justice system. [Read more…]

What’s New? News!

lynx news

Starting now, The Desert Lynx will be diversifying its content to add news reporting.

As great as it is to have insightful opinion pieces, thoughtful introspection, poetry, social commentary, and all manner of pseudo-intellectual navel-gazing, sometimes you need to know what the hell is going on. We’re living during possibly the most exciting time in human history, that of the global liberty revolution, and you don’t want to miss out on witnessing it happen firsthand. As such, we feel it to be our sacred duty to report on this amazing phenomenon as it happens, from the Free State and beyond.

Reporting will include breaking news, interviews, stories of interest, and more from New Hampshire, the US, and the world.

So like, follow, sign up for the email newsletter, whatever it takes to keep up. You’re going to see some really interesting things unfolding soon. Stay tuned!

Austin Comes After Free Enterprise…Again


The city of Austin, Texas is once again trying to crush free enterprise.

Fresh off the heels of forcing out Uber and Lyft with onerous regulations, Austin has come after Arcade City, the decentralized ride-sharing competitor that has moved in to fill the void.

On Friday July 15th, Austin PD sent a detail of officers to assist in ticketing Christopher David, Arcade City’s founder, at the co-working space from where he was running operations in the city (via a Facebook group where drivers arrange free rides, while passengers are encouraged to tip). Fortunately, David was not present (in the city, state, or even country) to receive the Class C misdemeanor gift, a charge for operating a ride-sharing company without proper paperwork, though he did have some harsh words city officials: [Read more…]

Bernie Sanders, Megachurch Pastor

sanders megachurch

The Democratic Party’s protracted, divisive presidential primary has come to a close, with Hillary Clinton snapping up the last of the delegates required to secure the nomination, and second-place finisher Bernie Sanders finally admitting: “It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee.” Despite his eventual loss, however, Sanders ran an impressive grassroots resistance campaign, stringing out hope with his followers of a surprising upset win up until the bitter end. His level of support was so broad and enthusiastic that some of his supporters have cried stolen election (and we can’t rule that out entirely).

One of the main snarky criticisms of Sanders was the “freeloader angle”: he himself never had a real job, and ran a campaign promising free stuff. While it is true that Sanders struggled to support himself until elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont at nearly 40 years old, a government job, I would argue that he would do just fine in the private sector of capitalist America. Bernie Sanders would have made a great pastor at a megachurch.

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What A Great Idea

war profit

War for war’s sake does not help the economy
Any more than breaking a window creates a job.
If that were the case, then why not increase
military adventurism until the economy improves?

In fact, why outsource overseas at all?
Those foreigners are taking away jobs from Americans!
Washington can march right in and topple itself
and replace the existing government
with a puppet regime, accountable only to Washington
and the corporate cogs in their war machine.

Those could be American weddings hit with drone strikes
It could be American bodies piled in a heap
Because there wouldn’t be enough time to bury them all
Let’s make America great again

The previous regime
had access to weapons of mass destruction
as well as massive oil reserves
which can pay for the war

or at least pay off the cronies
And stick the taxpayers with the bill
Future Americans can pay for a war
they weren’t even alive to see. [Read more…]

Libertarians: Don’t Ruin Your Big Moment

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Credit: Gage Skidmore

The libertarian moment is finally happening. Faced with the horrifying prospect of either a predestined Machiavellian queen or a political sock puppet come to life claiming the White House, rational American voters are looking to anyone who can save them from their fate. And, like the nerd patiently waiting for his crush to get tired of dating jocks, the Libertarian Party is there for them. This time, however, it seems the urge to go third party is more than just some empty threat. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson has reached as high as 11% in recent polls (15% being the minimum requirement to get into the presidential debates along with the major party candidates), interest on Google in the Libertarian Party spiked to record levels for May and June, and Johnson and his running mate Bill Weld presented a respectable front at a historic town hall hosted by CNN, viewed by nearly 1 million people. The libertarian moment might finally be here.

Unless, of course, it’s not a libertarian moment at all. Scores of the liberty faithful are upset over the LP’s choice of nominees, saying Gary Johnson isn’t libertarian enough (or at all). As for Weld, he might as well be the cursed second coming of Mitt Romney. Yes, this is not exactly the glorious return of the Ron Paul revolution. However, it still is the great libertarian moment we’ve been waiting for. No, I’m not necessarily suggesting that liberty lovers vote Libertarian this election, and I certainly am not saying that they should voice nothing but wholehearted support for all of Johnson’s policy positions. What I am saying is that, rather than eating their own, libertarians should capitalize on the moment in the spotlight to advance their ideas. Here’s why the Libertarian Party’s rise is good for the cause liberty: [Read more…]