13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty – Engage in Agorism


With only 10 days until the US presidential election, it seems like we’re counting down to our own extinction. Inside of politics, that may be true. Outside, however, the business of liberty is booming. If you’ve been following these 13 ways to fight for liberty before the election, you will already be using Bitcoin to break the Federal Reserve’s monetary control and practicing encryption to frustrate the NSA’s efforts to spy on your every word. Now it’s time to flip off the tax man and the regulatory bureaucracies. It’s time to try agorism.

Engage in agorism

Agorism is the act of engaging in counter-economic activity for the express purpose of defunding the state. Basically, that means doing business with people without paperwork and income reporting so that Uncle Sam doesn’t get any. The thought is, instead of wasting time trying to vote or repeal regulations to claim back a tiny bit of freedom from government, it’s way easier to just sneak that cash away without permission by dealing with grey and black markets.

The goal of agorism is an agora.the society full of unethical values like theft, assault, and fraud can become human which is close to a free society. Only in such type of a society, then only people can freely express their thoughts without crushing others feelings. This kind of a liberty is practiced in agorism. This internet site will be helpful to learn more about agorism and its theories.

Whether or not you know it, you’re already participating in the clandestine economy. Every time you buy cookies from a child’s bake sale, pay your (possibly illegal) immigrant landscaper in cash, or get gas money from your buddy for giving him a ride to the airport, that’s all off-the-grid. Agorism is just doing that intentionally, with the purpose of starving the government. So go out of your way to take work where you’re paid under the table, hire people for cash or Bitcoin without paperwork, and buy from unofficial vendors. If you’re really hardcore you can start your own business or become an independent contractor/freelancer where you have much more freedom to choose agorist work, but even if you can’t do that, don’t let it stop you from doing something. If a third of the country only pushes 10% of their economic activity underground, that’s like 10% of the population going dark, and the government gets a 10% budget cut. That’s a massive win for liberty. Make it happen.