13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty – Join Public Debate


While some people are crying or fretting about the impending election of one of two monsters to the highest political office on the planet, liberty’s faithful are busy making a better world. They’re taking care of their own while running local economies and defending themselves. They’re protecting themselves against government abuse, filming cops to prevent unjust behavior while encouraging juries to nullify bad laws. And best of all, they’re encrypting their communications and using Bitcoin to get away from government financial control. Now if only they weren’t so lonely and isolated in their beliefs.

Join public debate

In our increasingly polarized debate of ideas, it can be especially difficult for proponents of liberty, standing opposite of policy positions of both major parties, to gain any traction at all. That’s why freedom’s voice is desperately needed more than ever in the public debate. Liberty’s advocates have to work overtime in order to grow its philosophy. That’s your job, so it’s time to get to work.

Now, I know a lot of you think “Well I post about politics online all the time, I’m already doing this.” Not quite, there’s a nuance towards influencing the public debate. First, get outside your bubble and join a more general-audience conversation, or even an opposing viewpoint environment. Second, be the voice of alternative reason. The goal isn’t to be a hardcore fan or assault the opposition, but to be the most respectable voice in the room, sharing a point of view that others may not have heard. Third, deliberately seek out contexts where liberty is not represented at all. It can be tough to be the only one critical of some attempt to make yet another irrelevant holiday into a troop or cop worship fest, but remember: the ideas of reverence to the state only have such a strong hold because of a lack of dissent. And finally, bring a friend. If you can get two or more reasonable, calm, normal-seeming folks providing a radical perspective, that automatically lends it a good deal of legitimacy.

Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx. He is also the founder of the Rights Brigade, a mover for the Free State Project, and a martial art instructor.