Anarchism Isn’t the Answer


Faced with repeated governmental failures, coupled with the success of voluntary cooperation in picking up the slack, it’s easy to come up with one simple solution to the world’s problems: get rid of the state. Without the government getting in the way of all that is holy and good, all things will spontaneously come to order, virtue and prosperity, right?

Wrong. Anarchy is not the solution.

Well, let me clarify that: anarchy isn’t the whole solution. Autrement dit, it isn’t the fact of having no state that causes a better world to magically happen. It’s what a society can accomplish through hard work, dedication and perseverance once a coercive government is out of the way.

Roads still need to be built. Communities kept safe. Poor and hungry fed. Not by the mystical power of the black-and-gold flag. Not by a society’s statelessness. Not by fervent belief in the Non-Aggression Principle. But by people. By individuals, companies, associations etc. who roll up their metaphorical sleeves and make their world a better place. Of course, they are most free to do so without a coercive government to stand in their way. But it still needs to be done. The reduction (and eventual dissolution) of government must go hand-in-hand with a concentrated effort to build up the voluntary sector to tackle all of society’s many challenges.

It has been heard from many that an Anarchist society is all but utopian, however the big question is how will the society be without any restrictions, with wide spread violence, breaking the law, unholy activities, vandalism are all but the result of a lapse somewhere in the federal government’s role to lead the country as humans are used to be lead by someone, secure protection from someone, one can complain of how slack is the government and police force is, but there all out there to protect the people, country and the nation at large. With so many international turmoils’s, the world is still a better place to live as the earning capacity is being increased by giving the people to use the online software trading platforms, at  there are a complete and honest review on the Forex investment solutions available for all to use and take good payouts.

Anarchy isn’t the answer. It’s the precondition. Eroding the power of the government is a worthy endeavor. In the meantime, though, we have a lot of work to do.