First car bought with Bitcoin in New Hampshire

New Hampshire history was made when Robert Mathias and Darryl Perry, two Free State Project participants, engaged in the state’s first ever Bitcoin car purchase, further cementing the Free State as a haven of alternative, government-less economic activity.

Even better, the newly-christened “bitmobile” sports vanity plates reading “BITCOIN” as a constant reminder of what can be done without involving government currency whatsoever.

It’s a new age where anything is possible. Money and efficient transactions without government or banks? You’d better believe it.


  1. Was it the first auto purchase by bitcoin? I thought there would be no record, and therefore, at most, this is “possibly” the first purchase by bitcoin. There should be no records to check, Guinness or otherwise.

    • LynxFreeorDie :

      Not the first ever, but the first in NH as far as we know. There are no conflicting claims, so we’ll take the title.

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