About The Desert Lynx

There’s always more to the story…

Whatever you hear every day about what’s going on in the world, whether from news outlets, friends and family, art and entertainment, nonprofits and NGOs, or (especially) government, you’re not getting an accurate picture.

There’s always something huge that’s missed, whether it’s historical context, cultural perspective, insider knowledge, or a “big picture” view. More often than not, the whole point is missed because of ignorance or blatant omission and misrepresentation of the facts.

Want the whole picture? You’ve come to the right place. Don’t trust the official story. Get the picture from behind enemy lines.

Trending and live newsfeeds are more important today than reading about the historic past of the country one is born and bred, with lot of culture getting diluted in the cyber world it is always a good to read and know about the bigger picture of the source of our existence in a nation we live in. It would be alarming to know that more than 30 % of the population in the world are either denied of basic necessities to live, are emotionally or physically abused and the children who are considered to be gen next are getting more aggressive than ever, will this evolve?

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About the author

I am a wanderer by nature, having traveled across this disheveled planet to see what I could see. I have worked in many fields, including public policy, agriculture, law, government, and martial arts. I have lived in large cities, small towns, even farms. I have befriended the most privileged this world has to offer, as well as those who are one bad day away from being unable to feed themselves, and everyone in between. I consort with people of all political opinions and experiences, including those who have none.

lynxmanHowever, it was growing up in the American Southwest, on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, that has given me a unique perspective that I’ve carried everywhere. There I witnessed the contrast and evolution of two governmental systems, the clash and harmony of two cultures, and, most importantly, the relative absence of civilization. The rugged individualism birthed by the freedom provided by this area has rubbed off on me.