Alon Fosman Starkman


Sgt. Alon Fosman Starkman, Contributor

A premier multicultural global affairs expert, Sgt. Alon Fosman Starkman has volunteered to contribute his well-informed grain of salt on current affairs. With over two decades of travels to his credit and five languages under his belt (and a further two well underway), he has an intuitive insight into other cultures and can slip into the perspective of locals with relative ease.

As a former Sergeant of the Swiss Army Support to Command Division, Starkman has extensive experience in the domains of political analysis and open source intelligence. His past work focused mainly on the political situation in the Middle East region (Lybia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria), with specific emphasis on the Israeli perspective. This crucial point of view is often kept internal and rarely translated in full for outside media, which is where Starkman’s full Hebrew fluency really shines.

Starkman’s undergraduate degree is in Economics, Business, and British Common Law. He is also skilled in audio engineering. When he’s not typing away articles for The Desert Lynx, Starkman is a partner in the Graphical Liberation Front project, using his wiles and silver tongue to recruit support and talent for the upcoming graphical revolution. Apart from that, he plays a variety of instruments and sings on occasion, practices Chidokai Karate, and keeps his marksmanship skills sharp.