Joël Valenzuela


Joël Valenzuela, Editor

As the editor of The Desert Lynx, Joël Valenzuela oversees the whole subversive operation, and writes the bulk of the content. He has over a decade in experience in public policy, working for such organizations as the Goldwater Institute, the Alliance for School Choice, the Cato Institute, the Leadership Institute, Americans for Prosperity, the Western Center for Journalism, and the White House under George W. Bush. After an illustrious budding career in public policy, he then decided to forsake it all and go rogue, writing about cryptocurrency for CoinTelegraph and documenting the march of human freedom via The Desert Lynx.

Valenzuela’s undergraduate education is in Statesmanship, and his postgraduate in Global Affairs. He specializes in detecting greater societal and global trends before they hit the mainstream, and in illuminating current events through an actual understanding of the underlying issues rather than blind parroting of facts and talking points. He also delves into introspection and angst through more personal and poetic pieces, as well as good old-fashioned entrepreneurial-minded inspiration pieces.

When not running The Desert Lynx, Valenzuela heads up the Rights Brigade, a citizen advocacy and activism project, and teaches martial arts. Finally, in what little spare time that remains, Valenzuela is a multi-instrumentalist musician and drinks way too much coffee.