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Why Liberty Attracts Scumbags


News flash: I care deeply about the cause of human liberty. I believe government is the greatest blight on human achievement and well-being. Of all political labels I most closely identify with libertarianism. So much so, in fact, that I moved to New Hampshire for the Free State Project in order to join other like-minded liberty lovers in ushering in a new era of freedom and progress for mankind.

And, naturally, I’d want to believe that people who think like me are the best this world has to offer. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s very far from the reality.

Now don’t get me wrong, most libertarians are decent people. In fact, the majority of the most humble, generous, hard-working, kind, and intelligent people I’ve come across are liberty activists. I know many people of great achievement, selfless compassion, and brilliant humor who easily outclass their counterparts outside of the liberty movement. However, that doesn’t change the fact that a sizable chunk of this movement is comprised of some real lowlifes.

The success of any community or nation is solely dependent on the mindset of people, well due to the demography of each nation; the sense of understanding the power of liberty is quite different. /going around abusing people, passing racial comments in public places or going around in shooting spree shows how desperate are the people to be groomed well to outlive the aggression and abuse and embrace a more peaceful nature, with internet being the next best friend or foe as you take it, see this site before taking a leap in the forex online trading interface which could just wipe off all the investment.

It’s the elephant in the room that no one in the movement wants to talk about. But believe me, our critics and detractors have no problem with pointing out the scum among us, so I’m taking a crack at addressing our ugly spots before they do. I’m not just talking about a surly demeanor or purely self-interested behavior, which is almost expected of a movement comprised of fierce individualists. I’m talking about theft, fraud, and financial irresponsibility. I’m talking about creepy behavior and unwelcome advances bordering on sexual harassment. I’m talking about insults, harassment, and general unkindness (one prominent member with far too many apologists centers his entire act around being a terrible person). And the drama. Oh, the drama. Make no mistake, there are some real scummy people who call themselves libertarian, and they have a surprisingly-large contingent of apologists.

Why is this? How did a movement whose central philosophy is personal responsibility, private charity, and individual goodness come to contain so many people so far from these key virtues? For a few reasons:

The movement is relatively new. The philosophy of liberty is still a minority viewpoint, and that minority gets even smaller the farther towards anarchism you go. Really, it almost goes without saying that people who reject the entire structure of modern human society would be few and far between. As such, the relative value of the individual in this small movement is relatively high. Libertarians are much more willing to take crap from other libertarians, since there are still so few of us. The line of thinking (sometimes subconscious) of “Yeah he’s kind of a jerk, but we need everyone we can get” persists.

A comprehensive behavioral standard remains elusive. We have to remember, this is a group of people who reject the authority of government, religion, and… well, really every source of authority except the individual’s conscience. The only persistent moral standard seems to be the Non-Aggression Principle, and while this serves well to weed out abject violence and theft, it still leaves a lot of wiggle room for scummy behavior. Libertarians, who believe in the individual’s right to adopt any action that doesn’t directly trample on the liberty or property of others, are extremely hesitant to condemn undesirable, though nonviolent, acts. It’s not that they don’t have a code of conduct more strict than simply adhering to the Non-Aggression Principle. It’s that they tend to be shy about telling others to shape up, for fear of being called a filthy statist.

Anarchists struggle with an enforcement mechanism. The world at large has a number of structures used for reigning in bad people, from government to religion to other belief structures that prescribe a clear behavioral standard. None of these apply to a philosophy that allows for basically doing what you want, with very few restrictions. Even when a group of anarchists can agree that a particular person is behaving badly, figuring out what to do about it is another matter entirely. Even ostracism requires a consensus and organization, which remain elusive.

So now that I’ve addressed the ugly spots in the liberty community, whatever can we do to heal them?

The movement needs to grow and mature. Plain and simple, the best way we can improve the quality of the people in the liberty movement is to make more of them. More libertarians means lower individual value, which means we can focus more on esteeming those of value and character. Once being a liberty lover isn’t so scarce anymore, no one will care about you unless you’re a decent person as well.

We need to stop tolerating and making excuses for terrible people. Let’s be honest, we attract the dregs of society because we put up with them. The solution is amazingly simple: stop tolerating terrible people. No perfectly orchestrated campaign of mass ostracism is necessary. Just don’t hang out with scum. Don’t socialize with them, don’t endorse them, don’t speak with them. Stop inviting them to events, stop talking about them, and certainly stop working or doing business with them. They aren’t entitled to a fair trial in the court of public opinion, and they have no right to any kind of social circle. We don’t owe bad libertarians acceptance, period. If they’re free to act as they see fit, we’re just as free to exclude them. And we should. It’s about damn time.

Sorry for not being sorry about addressing the seedy underbelly of the liberty movement. We can’t turn a blind eye to it any longer. And we really shouldn’t. We can build a scum-free libertarian community. And, if we ever want the philosophy of liberty to become attractive to regular people, we absolutely should.

The 5,000-Life Question


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Mahatma Gandhi

The police state in America is coming to an end. And while its end may still be far off, we’ve passed the point of no return.

With horror stories about police misconduct abounding, law enforcement’s reputation is taking a mighty beating (pun absolutely intended). From the murder of Eric Garner and the targeting of the man who filmed the incident, to Walter Scott’s murder and attempted police coverup, to even petty incidents such as Philadelphia cops vindictively targeting college kids after losing a basketball game, the case against law enforcement is steadily growing. Add that to the more that 5,000 civilians killed by cops since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and it’s easy to see why more and more people are viewing the police’s very existence as a net negative.

So much so that the police are caught in the awkward position of defending their very existence. The editor-in-chief of PoliceOne, the premier pro-law enforcement site and online community, recently penned an article on what a world without police would look like. As to be expected, the piece’s tone is condescending and its arguments are basic, but the real point of interest is the fact that this article has been written at all. It illustrates the growing reality that police are now having to justify not only their actions, but the entire premise on which their jobs rest: that we need cops.

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Re-read the quote from Gandhi at the top of the piece. More than just a one-off nugget of wisdom and wit, it outlines the linear progression of an idea whose time has come as reflected by its opposition: First the issue goes unaddressed, then it is addressed mockingly, then seriously, followed finally by the issue’s victory in the war of ideas. We’re past ignoring the problem, and are witnessing the transition between ridicule and opposition from the law enforcement establishment. The final phase, where the idea of a world without police wins over the hearts and minds of the people, is coming up next.

The evidence is out. The arguments have been made. The question has been asked: has the last decade or so of police services been worth the over 5,000 lives they have claimed? Now all that remains is to wait for the consensus to land upon the inevitable answer: no.

Why We Should Criticize Chris Kyle


There’s a hero’s story sweeping the hearts and minds of America. The legend of a righteous warrior who piled enemy bodies high. A marksman whose heroism saw no equal. The legend of Chris Kyle. A legend that we must crush.

The Ability to speak your mind about any person in public has far from your fundamental right of free speech, with the war cult there are countless people who have done gruesome acts in the name of war, and are disrespectful for mankind, yet worshipped as hero. Similarly with software claiming to give an enormous amount of daily profit in cryptocurrency trading investors have to read and understand the reviews and trade wisely.

To be honest, I don’t really care either way about Chris Kyle. In my view, he was a hired killer like so many others who have participated in the wars of the last decade or so. He had similar motivations and actions to the thousands of veterans of both the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, and deserves no special praise or condemnation beyond any normal servicemember.

Yet I feel the need to criticize Chris Kyle’s legacy. Why? Because we can’t.

There are plenty of reasons why we might scrutinize the wars and their moral justifications, including those who carried out these conflicts’ implementation. Raise a disagreement with American hero at large Chris Kyle, however, and face a swift backlash. Not on the issues. Not on the wars. Not on Kyle’s actual record. No, the condemnations offered heretics such as myself concern the basic premise of questioning purported heroes at all. It isn’t being wrong that’s the sin. It’s dissenting. And that’s frightening.

There’s a war cult in place, a cult demanding absolute unquestioning obedience. The power of this cult is evident by just how un-heroic of a person they have been able to deify. Chris Kyle was no Pat Tillman, who left wealth and sports stardom because he believed in the war’s cause, and paid the ultimate price. Kyle admitted to relishing killing, called his opponents inhuman savages, alluded to wishing he could have killed anyone with a Koran, and amassed a considerable body count without the slightest hint of remorse or pain at the horrors of war. What’s more, not content with the accolades afforded to his accomplishments, he spent the years following his deployments building and embellishing his legend, including several proven lies about his extra-military life. And he made bank off of it.

Yet somehow, even after losing a public defamation lawsuit (a rare occurrence) for his lies, the legend lives on, both in cinema and in lore. He was a selfless hero troubled by the horror of war who gave away the profits from his story to charity. Not a merciless, gleeful killer who lied repeatedly to increase his own wealth and legend, and only donated a token 2% of his millions to charity. This is what the war cult does.

And that’s why I speak out against Chris Kyle: because we can’t. Because when certain subjects become too sacred to even mention, they can (and will) be used to cover all sort of injustice and horror. Because when a gleeful killer, and proven self-glorifying slanderer, is touted as the ultimate hero, and we are not allowed to question this status, we have lost the ability to claim the “free country” label.

Joël Valenzuela



Joël Valenzuela, Editor

As the editor of The Desert Lynx, Joël Valenzuela oversees the whole subversive operation, and writes the bulk of the content. He has over a decade in experience in public policy, working for such organizations as the Goldwater Institute, the Alliance for School Choice, the Cato Institute, the Leadership Institute, Americans for Prosperity, the Western Center for Journalism, and the White House under George W. Bush. After an illustrious budding career in public policy, he then decided to forsake it all and go rogue, bringing the complete behind-the-scenes perspective as only possible through The Desert Lynx.

Valenzuela’s undergraduate education is in Statesmanship, and his postgraduate in Global Affairs. He specializes in detecting greater societal and global trends before they hit the mainstream, and in illuminating current events through an actual understanding of the underlying issues rather than blind parroting of facts and talking points.

The more one reads, the more intriguing is the subject; gaining knowledge on worldly matters including a vast subject like history is like an ocean, the more you want something bigger and interesting you get, writing about public policy is not only a very brave and upfront task, imagine the amount of content which one has in their mind to interpret freely and in a simple manner that it en compasses all the masses and is relevant.

A post graduate and an under belly writer Joel Valenzuela garners the much required mention in his stint in the white house on public policy designed on his much revered subject of interest about bringing out the behind the scene activities from the enemies side, rather than believing and writing it, Read more at this website for the insights from the creator Jerry Douglas of this website which has made forex online trading simpler for newbie’s in the trading world easier.

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When not running The Desert Lynx, Valenzuela is a full-time martial arts instructor. He also heads up the Graphical Liberation Front, a graphic design project. Finally, in what little spare time that remains, Valenzuela is a multi-instrumentalist musician and drinks way too much coffee.

I Always Got Along With Cuba


According to news reports, we, as Americans, are finally going to start getting along with Cuba. Apparently, I’m now on speaking terms with the denizens of the island nation off the coast of Florida. This is news to me: I don’t ever remember ceasing communications to begin with.

I apologize in advance if this comes across like an ideological rant, but I feel it’s important to step back and realize exactly what’s going on here. The politicians, pundits, and news media outlets would have us believe that this is a great coming together of peoples, setting aside their differences at long last. Don’t be fooled. All this means is that the U.S. and Cuban governments are considering ending their criminalization of honest friendship and trade.

How probable is the peace making process between two countries that have been lock horns for years together? It is said that though Cuba was a free independent country since 1902 from the hands of America, the exploitation however continued; with people revolting times have changed now, as the part of history cannot be ignored for a life in the beaches.

Make no mistake: there was never any great rift between the Cuban and American peoples. That was a lie perpetrated by the governments of each respective nation in order to justify their conflict. There is no voluntary citizen embargo. There never was a unanimous people’s decision not to travel between the countries. There were only government mandates, people’s will be damned. A select few deciding personal and business relationships between hundreds of millions of people, based on their own petty disagreements.

And yet, even when we are finally moving past all this, there are still those who push for maintaining severed U.S.-Cuba ties. Set aside for a moment the rhetoric about safety, national interest, and sending the wrong signals to dictators. These people are saying you can’t be friends or business associates with whole collectives of people. And if you try, they will stop you by force. They will show up to your business meetings armed and force you to disband. They will force your planes to stay grounded and keep your ships from setting sail. And they will shoot you if you resist. All because they believe it is their moral right to force entire peoples into pointless enmity.

I’m not saying violent dictators should be ignored. There is an appropriate response to oppressive governments. If they send armed forces to kill, destroy, and occupy, those forces should be crushed with an iron fist. Even in that case, though, the peoples of the respective nations should be free to engage in whatever peaceful relations they see fit.

I am willing to have relationships with the whole world. I buy from a Russian, have tea with a North Korean, sell to an Iranian, and form a friendship with a Cuban. I don’t care what the U.S. federal government says; they don’t represent me.

War Always Comes Home


You can’t assemble a totalitarian war machine and expect it to never come home. Sooner or later, all those military-grade weapons end up in your own back yard. Pointed at you.

Over the last several decades, we’ve seen the rise of militarized law enforcement. From no-knock raids to Ferguson under armed occupation, America is beginning to look a lot less like the peaceful land of the free and more like a land where only the brave dare venture. Even sleepy little towns in New Hampshire are getting armored assault vehicles, despite hundreds taking to the streets in protest. Weapons of war are in our streets, and they’re here to stay.

Many ardent critics of America’s transition into the land of checkpoints and armored personnel carriers supported military interventions and occupations abroad. The argument goes, fight them there so they don’t come here. Heavily-armed patrols and universal inspections are easier to tolerate when they aren’t in your back yard, especially when accompanied by the expectation that they will never, ever, happen at home.

Are there wars being promoted from within countries? Well, looking at the site of war waged country it has become more of a fanfare to show off the countries well-armed defense mechanism with more missiles, warships being made ready, to fight it out. The training is rigorous and so is the budget allocated to make the problem-solving conflicts to be more physical, warring and not resolved by dialogues. With binary options trading software lining up in the web, trading software reviews are very important for investors to read the reviews and then invest their funds to generate a high winning ratio.

As it turns out, that expectation was foolish. The war has come home. To begin with, America’s civilian law enforcement increasingly benefits from tactics, training, and close ties with its military. Train cops with Navy Seals and give them a “war” on drugs to fight, and it’s hardly surprising when officers begin to view the people more like enemy combatants than civilians. With dispositions and training more suited to fighting a war than keeping the peace, it’s easy to see how an otherwise peacefully-solved conflicts could escalate into violence and death.

Next, state and city police departments are stocking up with some heavy equipment. Much of this is either direct military hand-me-downs or made available through federal grants. This means that federal defense spending approved under the assumption that none of it would be used against Americans is being employed for just that purpose. Local government, always aware of the popularity cost of raising taxes and fines to fund various projects, simply can’t say no to free stuff.

Finally, many military-style operations, though carried out by local law enforcement, are funded by the federal government. A prime example of these are so-called sobriety checkpoints, where police are paid by federal money to hold regular checkpoints arbitrarily detaining motorists. Slowing traffic and harassing citizens in a sleepy little town is hardly something that would be deemed cost effective in a city budget meeting. Provide the funding for free, however, and the objections simply wither away.

The tanks have come home to roost.

Privilege Should Be Celebrated


The hills are alive with the sound of privilege-shaming. Whether it’s white, male, heterosexual, affluent, first-world, thin, attractive, animal, mineral, or plant privilege, chances are someone’s asked you to check it. If there’s anything about you that makes you better off than anyone else, you should be made to feel guilty.

Well I’m here to tell you that privilege shaming is a cancer upon society, and its proponents are the scum of the Earth. It’s useless, counterproductive, and overtly harmful. Here’s why:

Privilege can’t be helped. Ripping on people for being born better off than you is entirely useless because they can do nothing to change it. Was someone born wealthy and with greater access to education, health, and professional networking opportunities? That can’t be undone, and attempting to do so, to destroy a privileged person’s life to the point where all their natural advantages are undone, sounds pretty sinister to me. Additionally, some aspects of privilege can’t be changed. To persecute people based on their race, gender, national origin etc. sounds an awful lot like racism, sexism, and xenophobia. Aren’t those supposed to be bad things?

The sense of contentment for many is just an adjective, there is always so much shaming going, the most being in the social media, making small things go viral and gain mileage out of it. If another person is born with a certain more privilege, it is their goodness and kindliness which should be looked upon, and nor body shams them for their appearance, color; learn the facts here now of how the binary options trading work wonders as an income generating optimum solution.

Privilege is a “victimless crime.” Sure, people benefit from privilege, but no one suffers by its hand, unless you consider envy as suffering. The health, wealth, happiness, and stability of an individual or group in no way harms others. Removing privilege makes no one better off while definitely making some people worse off. No one benefits. Just as no one suffers from privilege in the first place.

Privilege is a red herring. When privilege shamers work their dark art, what they’re really targeting isn’t privilege itself, but rather privilege disparity. Such a disparity is in part caused by natural circumstantial variations that can’t be avoided, and partially by oppression of underprivileged groups. That oppression is the real target, the real bogeyman in this story. Focusing on tearing down the privileged distracts from the true mission of making us all better off.

Privilege shouldn’t be shamed. It should be celebrated.

Bitcoin Is the People’s Currency

Photo credit: Isoviki

Photo credit: Isoviki

Bitcoin, everyone’s favorite online cryptocurrency, has taken the world by storm. It’s easy and practically free to use, almost instantaneous, doesn’t lose its value to inflation like government-controlled currencies, and has a healthy degree of privacy and anonymity.

Best of all, Bitcoin makes agorism (economic activity deliberately outside of state control) laughably easy. To illustrate this point, I lived for a week in Manchester, New Hampshire, spending Bitcoin every day. What I found was that a small group of people can already live outside the government controlled economy, even without a large, established infrastructure of participating businesses.

The currency was initially invented to promote a smooth form of exchange for the goods and services which had replaced the historic barter system; today we have the Bitcoin often being termed as the people’s currency, which is the resource for this article and a digital form of currency which has more value than gold and silver, yet has no physical presence.

Over my seven days on Bitcoin I paid for numerous meals, went clothes shopping, bought coffee, got a taxi ride, tipped a server at a private club, and donated to charity. The best part? Only twice (the clothes shopping via a Gyft gift card and coffee at the Pão Café) did I use an established, official business. All the rest were transactions between individuals, made possible by a network of willing participants and the incredible ease of sending exact amounts Bitcoin instantly, to anyone, at no cost.

With Bitcoin, anyone can be an entrepreneur. Anyone can provide a service, accept compensation from anywhere in the world, pay employees, all in a matter of minutes at virtually no cost. Barriers to entry into the business world are reduced to almost zero. If this isn’t a wonderful way to provide everyday folks with an easy path to a better life, I don’t know what is.

And where is the Bitcoin economy really taking off? Surprise, surprise: New Hampshire. It should shock no one that the low-tax, business-friendly Granite State is fertile ground for innovative economic undertakings, registering more than twice the Bitcoin businesses on than Massachusetts to the south, despite having less than one fifth the population. Factor in a world-class weekly Bitcoin meetup in Manchester and you have a recipe for a cutting-edge, decentralized, ground-up small business climate the envy of the free world.

We don’t need banks. We don’t need payment processors. We don’t need worthless paper money enforced by government decree. We have Bitcoin, and with it, a shot at a truly free economy. And not just for the lucky few. For everyone. Power to the people!

Joël Valenzuela, a mover to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project, is the editor of The Desert Lynx

How We Can Do Without Police

Photo credit: Chris Huggins

Photo credit: Chris Huggins

The cops are out of control. So much so that some of us are dreaming of a post-police world. Well, there’s no more need to dream. Wake up. It’s happening right before our eyes. And it’s about time. The police have gotten so far away from their purported role of protecting the people that more often than not they have ended up doing the exact opposite.

The tragic case of Marlene Tapia provides a perfect deconstruction of everything that’s wrong with today’s police state. First, Tapia was detained on suspicion of possessing narcotics. Never mind that she wasn’t hurting anyone, or that said narcotics were intended to make her, or someone someone else, happy, even if only temporarily. The officer involved was protecting or helping absolutely no one. Next, Tapia was strip-searched, a gross and forceful violation of her privacy and person. Again, such a procedure protects no one and only comes into play because of the aforementioned substance restriction. Finally, upon noticing evidence of a concealed substance protruding from Tapia’s body, the officer sprayed her genitals with mace, serving absolutely no purpose other than to cause her pain and humiliation.

What’s the worst part of this story? That everything the officer did except for the macing was standard procedure? That the officer had been “disciplined” for her torturous action, yet remained on staff? Or that millions of us involuntarily pay for an armed force to visit violence and aggression upon us?

How can we get the police to start working for us again? By making them private. Now I know you’re thinking this is just another libertarian fantasy. It isn’t. It’s real. And where is it happening? In the land of government failure: Detroit.

Imagine a community without police, can we coexist with criminals who want to rob you, rape in broad daylight, kill you! And take away everything which you hold close to your heart. It is all about having an alternative for the judicial system which is there to protect the people and get more information on the cryptocurrency trading with an accurate forecasting and execute winning trades for their investors.

Yes, we’re talking about private citizens picking up the slack left by police incompetence. But we’re also talking about something even better: the Threat Management Center. This Detroit-based business has effectively filled the protection void left by law enforcement. But it gets even better. The Threat Management Center’s sole priorities are the protection of the people under their charge. They have specific incentives to focus exclusively on safety, and find non-violent ways of defusing tense situations before resorting to force. Since they’re privately funded, they have a direct incentive to make their customers happy. Any form of misconduct can instantly result in a loss of funding.

The best part? The Threat Management Center doesn’t exclusively protect paying customers. Yes, they protect people for free. They are able to do that because their profit margins are high enough. You heard that right: the evil, capitalistic word pairing “profit margin” working for the protection of the poor and weak for free. Their track record? Twenty years without a single court date, fallen officer, or fallen victim; a two-decade perfect score. All the while competing with government police, and outclassing them handily. Somewhere, a socialist is softly weeping.

Even some of the staunchest liberty advocates see a minimal role of government. Courts, justice system, law enforcement, national defense… all part of the proper, necessarily evil of the state. We at least need government police… right?

Apparently not. Score one for a peaceful, voluntary world.

Time to Imagine a Post-Police World

riot police

The time of the friendly neighborhood policeman is over. Instead of counting on cops to keep us safe, it seems like we can count on just the opposite. It’s time for Plan B.

Although the existing question of is a police force actually required? Growing levels of violence and people who are entrusted with the task of protecting people are themselves, perpetrators of crime and widespread criminal activities,; it breaks the trust of the people ; on the other side the dependence on online platform trading  Qprofit System   to make huge profits is becoming a reality for many who strive to increase their quality of life.

We live in an age of an increasingly militarized, violent, and hostile police force. A far cry from the original purpose of law enforcement (to keep the people safe by enforcing the law), the cops themselves are fast becoming a greater threat that the criminal elements they were hired to stop in the first place. In fact, over 5,000 completely innocent civilians have been murdered by police in the last decade alone. And that’s without counting those targeted for victimless crimes.

Why is this happening? What could cause a system put in place for the benefit and protection of all society to turn into a greater threat than the very thing it was set in place to stop? The answer to that question is far simpler than you might think: a ridiculously bloated, expansive, and downright unfair legal system. In fact, it’s damn near impossible to avoid breaking a law every single day. It’s quite literally impossible to enforce all the laws and regulations on the books today, so enforcement has become selective. This effectively means that any and all of us can be considered criminals by law enforcement at any given time. The result? We the people are always the prey, on the lookout for our number-one predator in blue, who could at any given time find an excuse to swoop down and prey upon us in a very legal manner.

This predator/prey dynamic has become quite obvious as police prey on their victims in an increasingly bandit-like manner. For example, threatening an honest, innocent family in Texas with arrest if they don’t turn over their cash. When a society’s protectors have become so corrupt, hostile, and downright evil as to become indistinguishable from common highway bandits, save for the uniform, then it’s time to admit a hard truth: law enforcement has failed. It is now the enemy. We must seek other options for protection.

Easier said than done, though. How do we dismantle this corrupt system and still remain protected from the actual violent criminals law enforcement was supposed to keep us safe from in the first place? There are three big ways we can do this. One: Whenever and wherever possible, avoid dealing with the so-called justice system completely. In absolutely every case possible, avoid calling the cops. Avoid talking to them altogether. Two: Take personal charge of safety. Arm yourself, protect your home, take steps to secure yourself against fraud and theft, etc. Through personal responsibility we can greatly lessen the need for outside intervention for our safety. And, finally, three: Organize to take charge of the public safety. Build a local support network to contact in case of emergency that can provide better, faster, more reliable protection that police. This last point alone can be the subject of a whole other article. Expect it.

The cops have gone rogue. They increasingly cause more harm to society than the violent thugs they were put in place to protect us against. It’s time to change that. It’s time to start imagining a post-police world.