Boulevard of Broken Porcs


We walk a lonely road.

We liberty soldiers, those of us pledged to the defense of human freedom, are few and far between. That’s precisely why many thousands of us decided to concentrate in New Hampshire for the Free State Project. It’s understandable, then, when some of us can get emotional when one of our fellows exits the movement.

Many feelings were stirred up by the recent departure of activism legend Ian Freeman from the Free State Project. He’s still around, still doing what he does best, still working with the same people as always. The only thing that’s changed is that he won’t be at a couple of FSP-sponsored events. To some people, this is the entirety of their interaction with Ian, so it’s understandable that they would be upset, but for the rest of us, everything is exactly the same.

Nonetheless, several people (I hesitate to say many) have lost their minds over Mr. Freeman’s on-paper departure, declaring the movement dead, the FSP a tyranny, and Ian a martyr bleeding out on his cross so that the sins of Keene may be forgiven. Here’s a couple things they need to understand.

People come and go in the movement. Let’s be honest, this is not a sustainable path for almost anyone yet. It takes a lot of work, passion, and sacrifice to fight for freedom, and most of us simply burn out. Activists give their all for a couple years before going back to a normal life, making way for the next generation of liberty warriors. Ian Freeman remains near and dear to so many because he has done his time several times over, tirelessly maintaining his contribution level during the crucial early years when there were few others to fall back on. He will continue to do so, but we have to understand that this is an anomaly. Most fight but for a season.

Fighting for liberty isn’t for the faint if heart. Here’s where I shed my peacemaker’s hat to address some haters with the scorn they deserve. Wearing a Tapout shirt doesn’t make you a tough guy, and a “taxation is theft” bumper sticker doesn’t make you a liberty activist. You have to have dedication, stamina, sacrifice, passion, and have your life priorities aligned with your words. So many have indignantly stated their reconsideration of moving to New Hampshire to become a liberty activist, the implication being that we here in the trenches will drop down and beg them to reconsider. Well, we won’t. We want doers here, not troublemakers. You see, the rest of us have already proved our worth as assets to the liberty movement, and the last thing we need is dead weight making our work harder while masquerading as our friends. If you have nothing better to do than to cause grief over the internal workings of a private organization that don’t affect you in any way, please stay home.

Liberty isn’t a tribe of people. It’s a cause, a concept, and hopefully someday an achievable reality. The liberty movement is composed of people actively trying to make this dream real, and its membership changes constantly. Some do their time and leave, and many others talk a big game yet never deliver results. And that’s fine. The cause marches on regardless.

We walk a lonely road, but at the end lies liberty in our lifetime.

Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx. He is also the founder of the Rights Brigade, a mover for the Free State Project, and a martial art instructor.
  • Bruno Parga

    This article does not explicitly mention an important fact in the chain of events, and a reader might not be aware of that fact: the FSP Board of Directors banned Ian Freeman from ever attending FSP-organized events (currently, Liberty Forum and Porcfest). The article seems to be trying to gloss over that important fact.

    Ian has unpopular (and, in many cases, just plain wrong) views. Some people lobbied the FSP Board to disassociate with him; all that some of these people wanted was an end to the sponsorship by the FSP of Ian’s media activities, not a ban. Ian himself ended the sponsorship agreement; another section of the people who pressuring the Board thought this was not enough, and they called for his ban, to which the Board acquiesced. In consequence, Ian rescinded his FSP mover number, which I think at that point was pretty much useless for him.

    Board’s decision to ban:
    The petition against Ian was removed. Links to Ian’s posts, one before the ban releasing the FSP from the sponsorship deal and the other after the ban relinquishing his mover number, are easy to find as of this writing.

  • Good article.

    We are discussing this topic on the NHunderground forum.

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

  • Kellie McGuire

    You are absolutely right in acknowledging Ian’s tireless dedication to activism when so many of us in the FSP have burnt out. My own burnout and recent inaction are a large part of why I haven’t jumped in to air my own opinions on Ian’s ousting from the FSP. I haven’t been an FSP doer in years, so why should anyone care what I think?

    • Jason Knudsen

      I am curious at what you think. What do you think Kellie? It is funny how I seem to come across you not even looking for you. A few of them my email address created and there you were. It is probably a good thing you are not active. They are morons I still think that. I just want you to know I have forgiven you and it has been a weight off my shoulder. I want to talk to you. But I can do that, you been coming to Utah have you not? I know people all over here. It would be like me going over there, I am sure people would know who I was quick and tell you.

      Ian Freeman is prob in a jail cell or he got lucky and got bail prob around $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 bail at 10% bond. I do not like this dude nor do I like his opinions, however. What right do any of you have to judge him? Are you God? If you say yes to that than I will be able to hang you on a cross to die and you will just come back to life. Some of the things I have heard actually concerns me for the dude. Like something about blowing another kid for a video game. If that is the case than this man is been severely fucked off as a child and his behavior all of it even some of the stuff you agree with comes directly from that moment.

      I want to say to Ian Therapy but…… It will not work it is not effective. Poor guys life is probably so fucked off he should end it but he can’t or at least he is trying to get brave enough to end it.

      Don’t be surprised the next time you see him he is in a casket after he hung himself in his cell or house if he got bail.

      Kellie me and you have to talk. I know you will try and avoid me all the time but…. Well I know you are coming back into town so we are going to talk I will just find you and we can talk in person instead of on this stupid net. Net just makes it feel safe I guess cause you can ignore me but when you come into town people will whisper in my ear and I will just come to you I was going to do that this last December when you came but…. I decided not to. What would you have done if I walked right up to you?

      Anyway don’t judge people like I said you are not God! Talk to you soon Kellie?