Looking Forward to Suicide

Suicide gets a bad rap. Many people talk about it as if it were sadder or more tragic than regular old dying, but why? If anything, shouldn’t death be more tragic when it comes to someone who was looking forward to living longer? I see suicide as the ultimate in taking control of your own life. If I’m lucky, it is the way I will go when the time comes.

I understand that many people think that suicides are the result of extreme hopelessness that could have been alleviated if someone had been able to intervene. I’m sure that is the case in some instances. But I feel certain that some hopelessness is rational. And in many cases, suicide may be less a reaction to hopelessness than a rational weighing of the pros and cons of living. It takes a lot of effort to live. A lot of the effort isn’t much fun: trying to make ends meet, working a job that one may not find fulfilling, dealing with problems, not having any time, energy, or money left for the parts of life that are actually fun. At the point that the hassles or pain of life overshadow the fun, especially if you don’t see any way to significantly improve that balance, what’s wrong with letting life go? [Read more…]

The Empire Always Comes Home


Have you seen Uncle Sam’s guard dog?
He got it back when he drove out the Brits
from our yard.

He kept it in case they tried to return
or if anyone else treaded onto our side of the fence.
For keeping us safe and free,
this dog had won our love and respect.

But then Uncle Sam descended into madness.
Convinced that all the neighboring yards belonged to him as well,
he trained his dog to snarl and attack our neighbors
under the pretense of home defense. [Read more…]

Voluntary Holidays



It’s that time of year where the whole country is rushing around, making plans to spend the holidays in a traditional fashion with their blood relations. Not me. For the past several years, I’ve chosen to break that cycle. Not because I have anything wrong with spending time off with family. It’s because I want the holiday to be voluntary, something people do only if that’s what they really, truly want to do.

Think for a moment about how most people conduct their holidays. There’s an event set in stone from the very beginning of the year. Depending on your level of participation, you have to, at a minimum, show up and be cordial, all the way up to planning, executing, and financing a perfectionist feast while performing the role of chief diplomat at an intimate gathering of mortal enemies. For some very few of us, everything works out perfectly: you all live close by, get along, have the same schedule, food tastes, interests, and genuinely like and get along with each other. The holiday itself doesn’t matter, since you would be doing the exact same thing anyway, even without a festive excuse. [Read more…]

What are some of the best libertarian podcasts?

This is the transcript of episode fifteen of The LAVA Spurt podcast. You can listen to the audio of this Podcast episode here:


libertarian podcasts

I get asked all the time what podcasts I listen to, so I thought I’d share. Do you listen to these? Thank you for joining me on the fifteenth episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Libertarian Podcasts I Listen To Edition.

What are my favorite podcasts? I get this question an awful lot, so I thought I would take a few minutes and answer it. So many people out there put out a list of “the best liberty podcasts” or “the top ten libertarian podcasts.” That is nothing more than someone’s opinion, so instead of trying to tell you what you should think are the top liberty podcasts, I’m just going to tell you the ones I actually listen to on a regular basis. There are a ton of podcasts out there, both liberty related and non-liberty related, and I listen to quite a few of them. These are in no specific order and this is not an all-encompassing list. There are surely some great liberty podcasts out there that [Read more…]

Ruben Loved Cows: A True Tale of Vigilante Justice


The following is a true story. Names have been changed and details omitted to protect the privacy and safety of all parties involved

Ruben loved cows. In fact, he loved cows too much. In the end, it was his undoing.

What Ruben never did love much, however, was working hard. His wife earned most of what was needed to support the couple and their two preschool children living in the rural north of Mexico. Lack of work never kept Ruben from being busy, however.

Ruben had a reputation for stealing cows from the neighboring ranches, supplementing his lack of hard work with a side-stream of ill-gotten cow cash. He was charged many times with theft, but was always released for “lack of evidence.” After all, once a cow is turned into hamburger, who’s to say whose cow it was? [Read more…]

Bitcoin Debit Card: All You Need to Survive on Digital Money


About a month ago I wrote about my decision to take the plunge and ditch my bank account to go all Bitcoin. I got a bunch of responses, mostly either telling me I’m crazy or wishing they were hardcore enough to quit banking cold-turkey like I did. Among the dozens of questions I received was the big one, likely the very issue holding back cryptocurrency lovers and central banking haters alike from dumping the banks for good: how do you pay for stuff if very few places take Bitcoin these days?

Now, there are some places that take Bitcoin directly, especially in New Hampshire. Purse.io allows you to buy anything off of Amazon.com for 5% or more off with Bitcoin, which covers an enormous spectrum of stuff, including some groceries and gas cards, meaning you can fill your car up on Bitcoin. For most of the rest there are gift card services that take Bitcoin for instant gift cards you can use at chains all over the country. For everything else there’s Bitcoin debit cards. [Read more…]