13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty – Jury Nullification


In one week, millions of Americans will go to the polls, holding their nose, to stop Donald Trump from getting elected. Millions more are heading out to support someone they don’t believe in just to fight Hillary Clinton. But not you. You’re just hiding under a blanket. Or, if you’ve had the good fortune to start reading my list of 13 ways to advance liberty before the election, you’re much less sad, and are busy with Bitcoin, encryption, and guns. You’ll be spending your money on agorist business and throwing a couple bucks to private charity. But the cops can still haul you away for any number of nonsense reasons and ruin your life. Let’s do something about that now. [Read more…]

13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty – Learn to Defend Yourself


Barely over a week left in this election season madness. The foolish among us are dedicated to seeing one of the two historically-repulsive major party candidates win a decisive victory. Many of the rest are hiding at home, depressed and terrified, waiting for it all to be over. Those of us who have been reading this ongoing list of 13 nonpolitical ways to fight for liberty, however, have it much better. By now you all are buried deep in Bitcoin and encryption while going black-market agorist with some of your money, giving to the needy with what remains. But you still get ready to dial 911 every time you think you might be in danger. It’s time to change that last part. [Read more…]

13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty – Support Private Charity

Our countdown to the dumpster fire of a US presidential election has reached single digits as nine days from now the world will lurch into a decidedly dark political era. Meanwhile, I’ve been giving you 13 better things to do for liberty than voting. By now you should be using Bitcoin, encrypting your communications, and practicing agorism wherever possible to withhold your earnings from the state’s wretched claws. Next up: compassion. [Read more…]

13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty – Engage in Agorism


With only 10 days until the US presidential election, it seems like we’re counting down to our own extinction. Inside of politics, that may be true. Outside, however, the business of liberty is booming. If you’ve been following these 13 ways to fight for liberty before the election, you will already be using Bitcoin to break the Federal Reserve’s monetary control and practicing encryption to frustrate the NSA’s efforts to spy on your every word. Now it’s time to flip off the tax man and the regulatory bureaucracies. It’s time to try agorism. [Read more…]

13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty – Practice Encryption


With the US presidential election looming only 11 days away and prospects for any decent outcome growing slim, now’s a better time than any to explore alternatives to the broken political system. If you’ve been following this series of 13 ways to advance liberty outside of politics, you’ll already be getting into Bitcoin and financial freedom from the government-controlled currency scam. Next stop: protecting your privacy. [Read more…]

US Pulls Out All Stops Against Wikileaks and RT News


Forces allied with the American government have come down hard on its dissenters, cutting off internet access for Wikileaks and closing RT News’s bank accounts.

The public accountability nonprofit has been on precarious ground, with its bank accounts long since closed and its head Julian Assange hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid extradition. Now, Wikileaks reports that Assange’s internet access in the embassy has been cut off, likely out of pressure from the US government in retribution for leaking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speeches to bankers:

[Read more…]