US Forces Killed About 50 Civillians, 25 Taliban in “Self-Defense”

An internal investigation has cleared US troops of wrongdoing in a battle last November that killed dozens of Taliban assailants and possibly twice as many civilians.

During an operation in the village of Boz in the Kunduz province, American and Afghan forces entered the village and were fired upon by Taliban forces from houses reportedly filled with civilians. Airstrikes were called in, and the battle resulted in about two-dozen Taliban casualties, and between 33 (US-reported figure) and 50 (local officials’ estimate) civilian deaths. Following the raid, residents carried over a dozen corpses towards the office of a local governor to protest the deaths. [Read more…]

Armistice Day in the UK

As an American, there are things about other countries that you can read about, then there are things you can only truly understand while in those countries.

When was the last time a large war with a foreign State (not including the Confederate States of America) was fought on American soil for a prolonged period of time? I’d say the War of 1812. It’s been a while. Not many Americans can honestly understand what Europe and so many other parts of the world have gone through in the last 100 years.

I’ve been aware of this dynamic before today, but this moment… today… it really humbles me.

While I’m, absolutely, going to continue my journey by listening to locals and getting to know them and hearing their thoughts, I really hope that I never stop being thankful for the life that awaits me back home in NH, and its peaceful history for over 200 years.

The Empire Always Comes Home


Have you seen Uncle Sam’s guard dog?
He got it back when he drove out the Brits
from our yard.

He kept it in case they tried to return
or if anyone else treaded onto our side of the fence.
For keeping us safe and free,
this dog had won our love and respect.

But then Uncle Sam descended into madness.
Convinced that all the neighboring yards belonged to him as well,
he trained his dog to snarl and attack our neighbors
under the pretense of home defense. [Read more…]

How the War Cult Hurts Veterans


Do American soldiers ever truly EAS?

The end of active service should signal a transition back to a normal life for soldiers moving away from a temporary occupation of killing people and breaking stuff to a more permanent occupation of anything else. Increasingly, however, the average servicemember is having some difficulty shifting gears. The modern cliche of the veteran growing a beard and pumping out military-themed graphic apparel while living off of the GI Bill exists for a reason. I have a few ideas why.

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US Army’s Accounting Off By Trillions of Dollars

army paperwork

The US Army’s accounting department messed up big-time last year. How big? To the tune of $6.5 trillion. Oopsie.

According to a Pentagon audit performed by the Inspector General’s office of the Defense Department, the Army could not provide basic accounting information such as receipts and invoices for enough spending that trillions of dollars of accounting adjustments had to be made. For reference, that total error number is about 30 times the Army’s total budget. [Read more…]

Why the US Should Support a Kurdish State


As most Americans are aware, the Islamic State (ISIS) has a strong foothold in Syria and western Iraq. However, most U.S. citizens are woefully under-informed as to the actual status of Middle Eastern affairs. ISIS is engaged in armed conflict on several fronts throughout the Middle East, however the most significant and perhaps the most worthy of American attention is the Kurdish theater.

Kurdish independence a threat to ISIS

Kurdistan is a region in northern Iraq that has been a target of several ISIS offensives in 2015 and 2016. The reason for this is likely that the Kurds, unlike most other parts of the Middle East, have a robust independence movement. This is due to having a common language and a strong, unique cultural background very different from the people of southern Iraq. The peshmerga, a loosely organized group of Kurdish fighters, have consistently been capable of fending off the ISIS offensives. For this reason, ISIS views Kurdistan as a threat to their expansion across the country. [Read more…]