Free State Supporter Shot Over Flag, Dems Exploit for Political Gain


A friend of the Free State Project was shot in Manchester over a dispute regarding the Project’s flag, and NH Democratic Party leadership capitalized on the incident for political gain.

Jarrod Ean-Dixon, longtime New Hampshire resident and a supporter of the Free State Project, was shot in an altercation over the Free State Project’s flag. The flag (pictured left), which is a play off of the Gadsden Flag, features a porcupine instead of a snake, along with the famous motto: “Don’t tread on me.” The porcupine is the symbol of the Free State Project due to its docile and defensive nature paired with its willingness to defend against aggressors when cornered. Ean-Dixon was at a social gathering where the flag was prominently displayed, and two guests engaged in a dispute with him, considering the altered porcupine version of the flag to be disrespectful. An altercation ensued and Ean-Dixon was shot multiple times.

At time of writing, Ean-Dixon remains in critical condition but is expected to survive. The two assailants are in police custody. [Read more…]

13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty – Move to New Hampshire


The terrible political slugfest between two of the worst people to ever run for public office has ended, and America has proceeded through one of the two large dark doors presented, both leading to disaster. Instead of despairing, though, libertarians, already having written this election off as a loss, are preparing for a long winter. The casual supporters of liberty are stockpiling defensive weapons, practicing encryption, donating to private charity, and spreading liberty’s message in regular conversations. The more adventurous are using Bitcoin whenever possible, participating in the black market, actively seeking nongovernmental solutions to their problems, and even changing the way they conduct personal relationships. If this isn’t enough action for you, you can grow your own food, inform juries about nullification, and film police. You can even start your own independent media outlet if you want to be one of the most hardcore out there. Still want to do more? There’s one thing left to do.

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Free Staters Once Again the Target of Xenophobia


Free Staters have once again found themselves targeted by scare-mongering political adversaries.

In a letter to the editor to the Concord Monitor, government employee and hardcore Democrat Gloria Andrews singled out Dr. Darren Tapp and Brian Seaworth, Chichester and Pembroke candidates for some of the 400 seats in New Hampshire’s House of Representatives, as threats to the state. Aside from a brief mention of Seaworth’s support for removing the governor’s ability to declare a state of emergency, Andrews focuses her entire letter on the “otherness” quality of the two candidates rather than their actual policy positions: they’re radicals meant to push an “extreme anti-government agenda.” [Read more…]

The Ron Paul vs. Gary Johnson Edition

This is the transcript of episode sixteen of The LAVA Spurt podcast. You can listen to the audio of this Podcast episode here:



Is Gary Johnson libertarian enough for Ron Paul? Thank you for joining me on the sixteenth episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Ron Paul vs. Gary Johnson Edition.

I am still catching a lot of flak, even from many voluntaryists, for my stance on the Johnson Weld campaign. I don’t get it. I can understand minarchists giving me flak on this, but not voluntaryists. Minarchists love to throw the word “purist” at me like it’s some sort of albatross, so I just throw it back and them and call them “party purists,” because they believe the Libertarian Party can do no wrong, and we should follow LP candidates no matter what. This is party over [Read more…]

Examining the NH Primary Election Results


Back in August we conducted a poll of likely New Hampshire primary voters for the gubernatorial races. Instead of polling by phone we targeted our subjects via social media by scrutinizing their activity in politically oriented Facebook groups or their Twitter activity. This polling method has been essentially written off as biased towards those people who own and frequently make use of computers or smartphones. However, in an age where the rate of ownership and use of these devices is ever rising does it not make sense that our methods of polling should reflect these changes? The New Hampshire state primaries were held last week on September 13th and the results surprised quite a few party insiders who severely underestimated the support of supposedly lesser-known candidates. So the question is: how accurate were the results of our polling method compared to how people actually voted? [Read more…]

New Hampshire GOP Speaker Jasper Lashes Out at Free Staters


Shawn Jasper, the Speaker of the House of Representatives in New Hampshire, has targeted Free Staters in comments related to his bid for reelection as Speaker.

Responding to criticism he has faced over his top-down authoritarian approach to the legislature, Jasper insisted that this was result of a “false narrative” regarding his leadership, blaming vaguely-labeled libertarians and Free State Project participants for their unwillingness to tow the line:

“You’ve got to look at the facts at what’s gone on for decades now, certainly the last 10-15 years. We have people who – former Libertarians – who may still be Libertarians at heart, I don’t know. … There’s some people who call themselves Free Staters, and I don’t know what can be done there.”

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