London: Communists, Vandalism, and Diversity

One of the things I wanted to do while I visited London was to go to a show. This isn’t the best time of year for tours, so the best I could find was a tribute band show: OutRage Against The Machine – UK’s Premier Rage Against the…, Nirvana UK, and FAKE NO MORE. By the time the second band took the stage, The Underworld Camden – a respected, below-ground music venue – was packed and everybody was having a great time.

I’m usually not into cover/tribute bands, but I have to admit, these guys were pretty impressive. Their hair, clothes, instruments, and of course, the music were very close to authentic.

They even subscribed to communism, just like the real-life Rage Against The Machine, as evidenced by the Che Guevara poster that you can see in the pre-show pic above. During their set, the singer said something that got a slight cheer from the crowd: “This next song goes out to anybody who supports Trump and Brexit. Ya’ll need to wake the [expletive] up!” [Read more…]

Armistice Day in the UK

As an American, there are things about other countries that you can read about, then there are things you can only truly understand while in those countries.

When was the last time a large war with a foreign State (not including the Confederate States of America) was fought on American soil for a prolonged period of time? I’d say the War of 1812. It’s been a while. Not many Americans can honestly understand what Europe and so many other parts of the world have gone through in the last 100 years.

I’ve been aware of this dynamic before today, but this moment… today… it really humbles me.

While I’m, absolutely, going to continue my journey by listening to locals and getting to know them and hearing their thoughts, I really hope that I never stop being thankful for the life that awaits me back home in NH, and its peaceful history for over 200 years.

There’s No Crying in Agorism

Proponents of liberty have always sought ways of reducing government’s size and scope. One of the best ways to go about this, and at the same time build a society that isn’t reliant on the current corrupted system, is agorism, or purposely doing business in a grey or black market environment. This is done in order to withhold money from government without having to wait for tax cuts to be enacted, which is slow and inefficient at best and nothing but a dream at worst.

Unfortunately, some people seem to be under the impression that agorism is a walk in the park. I’ve heard numerous complaints from people whose expectations of the agorist vendor experience haven’t been met. Well, I’m here to offer a dose of reality on what to expect as an agorist business, and set the record straight on some bizarre misconceptions.

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US Pulls Out All Stops Against Wikileaks and RT News


Forces allied with the American government have come down hard on its dissenters, cutting off internet access for Wikileaks and closing RT News’s bank accounts.

The public accountability nonprofit has been on precarious ground, with its bank accounts long since closed and its head Julian Assange hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid extradition. Now, Wikileaks reports that Assange’s internet access in the embassy has been cut off, likely out of pressure from the US government in retribution for leaking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speeches to bankers:

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Ruben Loved Cows: A True Tale of Vigilante Justice


The following is a true story. Names have been changed and details omitted to protect the privacy and safety of all parties involved

Ruben loved cows. In fact, he loved cows too much. In the end, it was his undoing.

What Ruben never did love much, however, was working hard. His wife earned most of what was needed to support the couple and their two preschool children living in the rural north of Mexico. Lack of work never kept Ruben from being busy, however.

Ruben had a reputation for stealing cows from the neighboring ranches, supplementing his lack of hard work with a side-stream of ill-gotten cow cash. He was charged many times with theft, but was always released for “lack of evidence.” After all, once a cow is turned into hamburger, who’s to say whose cow it was? [Read more…]

Brazil’s Big Mistake: The Rio Games


A few weeks back the Olympic Games kicked off in Rio de Janeiro. Thousands of athletes from around the world came for two weeks to compete in all different sorts of events. Along with these athletes were legions of coaches, assistants, trainers, judges, referees, translators, journalists, and tourists. Over the course of the games tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars were spent, giving a significant boost the the local economy. However, Brazil may not be in a position to handle this temporary boom.

Over the past several years the Brazilian economy has been propped up by government spending. Much of this spending is linked either directly or indirectly to public works projects associated with the 2014 FIFA World Cup or the 2016 Olympic Games. Projects such as stadiums, sports facilities, housing, and other infrastructure improvements. The common thread of all this spending is that the assets purchased had very limited life. And unfortunately for the people of Brazil, when the Olympic torch was extinguished that life ended.

Hosting the Olympic Games has always been a costly endeavor and the vast majority of countries cannot actually afford it. In the past countries found thrifty ways to recycle the facilities they paid for with public funds, thereby getting the most bang for their buck. West Germany turned the facilities at Munich into a public park and it has since been used as a venue for concerts, sporting events, and festivals. Even recently, the British government converted the 2012 London Olympic Stadium into a football pitch. [Read more…]