13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty – Practice Voluntary Relationships


Like wildlife fleeing a forest fire, you’ve done just about everything possible to escape from government in the face of this horrible presidential election year. Use Bitcoin? Check. Encrypt? Check. Support black markets, private charity, and nongovernmental solutions? Check, check, and check. You even practice self-defense and the fine art of the keyboard warrior while holding cops and courts accountable. But despite all that, you’re still victim to one of the most insidious ways government still holds sway over your actions: how you conduct your relationships.

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How to Roll Back Global Homophobia


In my previous article I addressed the issues faced by people concerning their sexual orientation, practices, and preferences. The arbitrary nature of societal norms regarding sexuality and love was pointed out, and the conclusion was reached that the current system which insists on heterosexual, monogamous, vanilla relationships and (for the larger part) misrepresents or even demonizes any other paradigm is positively absurd.

So how do we change this? How can we take a step towards an open society where sexual orientation or practices aren’t an issue? Well, first off, we need to define what is generally acceptable and what isn’t. Now, at the risk of coming off as a hypocrite, I’ll draw the hypothetical line at the point of consent; it is my opinion that if the person cannot give you clear consent, then sex should not be had with them. This admittedly prejudices people who practice zoophilia, pedophilia, and suchlike, but I’m afraid that remains a steadfast line in my opinion. The basis for this is a notion of mutual respect; that is to say that while one should be free to explore their sexuality, this should by no means impinge on anybody’s right to personal safety or their freedom to make their own choices.

The next point of order is how to make it possible for people to express themselves in a manner where no one’s rights are being stepped on. What comes to mind is a situation where people can:
a) Be able to openly express themselves without fear of repercussions
b) No one’s orientations or preferences are being forced onto anyone
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Freedom to Love


Among the freedoms that many of us take for granted these days, is the freedom to choose one’s partner and to express one’s sexuality and love towards them. Indeed, global society has come a very long way from the days where affection and sexuality were so taboo that the very thought was considered sinful. And yet, the progress made is mitigated by its own exclusive nature; while certain people began expressing their sexuality and affection more openly, the vast majority of the world’s LGBT population remained oppressed.

To some extent, it is understandable that society would have a difficult transition period from prudish to sexually open, and it does make sense that the most common and familiar forms of sexuality would be recognized first. However, progress in the field has stagnated significantly since this social upheaval began, and in some places society has regressed to primitive notions of superiority based on sexual orientation.

Russia and Uganda are prime examples of what can happen when homophobia spills over into legal policy, situations where homophobia is either condoned or encouraged, and the homosexual community is left without the means to defend themselves either physically or politically. The laws against pro-gay protests and demonstrations prevent people from raising awareness, leaving the majority of the population in ignorance, leading to persecution and abuse. To give the most extreme of recent examples: Russia has proposed a law that makes the act of coming out (i.e. publicly declaring one’s hitherto secret sexual orientation) a criminal offense! [Read more…]

Adversarial Dating

karate couple

Love is a beautiful thing. Two people getting to know each other, celebrating their similarities, intrigued by their differences. Sharing special moments together. Maximizing their respective strengths while supporting each other through their respective failings. Becoming stronger together than they ever could be alone.

That’s the theory, anyways. All too often, a supposed partner ends up looking a lot more like a rival.

Think about the ways in which we’re conditioned to think adversarially about the opposite sex. Wear certain clothes. Look a certain way. Say all the right things. Seem interested, but not too interested. Call them. Don’t call them right away. The socially-established human mating dance is indeed a complex, trying game.

And it doesn’t get any better when a relationship begins. When she’s saying this she’s really thinking that. Be careful not to do this or he’ll take it that way. This is how to get her to give you what you want. Say that to manipulate him into doing things your way. There are literal volumes written on how to navigate a relationship with the opposite sex. And a lot of it is on how to get what you want from an otherwise unwilling partner, while at the same time avoiding being forced into reciprocation.

Call me a dreamer, but to my mind this is a colossally wrong-headed approach. Our worlds are filled with enemies and, God willing, friends as well. I believe we should devote as little attention to our enemies as we can get away with, and dedicate most of our effort to our friends and loved ones. Special friends are special, and should be treated with all the love, respect, and understanding that we can muster; not with suspicion, obfuscation, and manipulation. We seek true love, to find someone with whom we can share our hearts, our minds, our bodies, even our souls. That requires absolute honesty, sincerity, and devotion.

Romance gives us a chance at a truly remarkable connection with another human being, something we all long for. Instead, tragically, we often end up sleeping with the enemy. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

The Altar of Love

Don’t you just hate that happy couple? They’re always together. They always send each other lovey little notes and texts. And they’re always kissing. Always. They don’t seem to notice that you’re standing right there. No shame, none at all.

Ever get jealous? Wish they’d stop rubbing in your face just how lucky they got, while you’re stuck with an unsatisfying relationship, or none at all? Let me tell you, luck has so little to do with it.

It’s easy to miss all the hard work and sacrifice that goes into having a so-called perfect relationship. Quite simply put, it’s a challenge, one that most of us just aren’t cut out for. There’s a lot of effort that goes into constantly thinking about each other, reminding each other of that fact throughout the day, and finding ways of helping, supporting, or otherwise finding nice things to do for each other.

But the real hard part is self-denial. Human beings are different, and when they get too close they come into conflict. A successful intimate relationship requires a good deal of selflessness to be able to operate at such a close emotional distance. Literally every decision and action you make has to take the other person into account. That kind of exhausting, comprehensive, never-ending commitment is very difficult. It’s not for everyone.

So don’t feel jealous. You probably don’t want that kind of life. If decide that you do indeed want that for yourself, go for it. And good luck. You’re going to need it, for the path you have chosen is a hard one indeed.

Frog Princesses

Those who remember my last post about the unfortunate decline of American manhood will probably think I have a one-sided point of view on gender relations. Fear not, I believe in gender equality. That means it’s the girls’ turn now.

The global war of romantic competitiveness is a cutthroat one, and it is becoming increasingly relevant to the average world citizen. It used to be that you had to fish in the small pond in which you were born. Not no more. In this most international of worlds, it’s effortless to communicate across many thousands of miles, with anyone, at any time. Interracial couples are gaining more mainstream acceptance. People are studying, traveling, and living abroad. Outsourcing doesn’t just affect work anymore, it affects love as well. And frankly, I feel like the good ol’ fashioned American girl is losing her edge. Now, let it stand as official record that I say this not out of spite, but out of concern. I’m rooting for complete and utter American dominance in every area imaginable, and so the sad state of femininity in this country truly breaks my heart.

Feminism is a beautiful thing, and the upending of gender inequality is nothing but good. I’m passionate about freedom, and the fact that both genders are now free to do whatever they want brings tears of joy to my eyes. But with great freedom comes great responsibility. Just because you’re free to paint your house cyan, lime green, and purple, doesn’t mean doing so won’t earn you serious bad mojo points in the afterlife. So, while women everywhere celebrated the freedom from slavery to desires of men, some of them took it upon themselves to separate themselves from that desire entirely, and from dignity itself. And, unfortunately, this reckless abandon of self-respect caught on. Ladies, if you have managed to avoid the following crimes against humanity, consider yourselves the best this country has to offer. As for the rest, well… brace yourselves.

Vestis virum reddit. How we humans clothe ourselves represents who we are, and how we perceive ourselves. It is based on this premise that I do declare the public wearing of pajamas as the absolute lower limit of self-respect. This includes carrying blankets, or hybrids (I’m looking at you, Snuggie), outside the house. I don’t buy the comfort or practicality arguments: There exists in this world sufficient clothing to suit any need. Get looser jeans. Wear a comfortable sweater. Ditch the heels in favor of flats or sneakers. But whatever you do, for the love of all that is holy and good in this world, do not leave the house in your bedclothes. It projects a lack of caring about one’s appearance that rivals that of the chronically homeless. Civilized humans cut their hair, trim their nails, take regular baths, defecate only in prescribed areas, and refrain from hurling the fruits of said defecation at their rivals and/or unlucky bystanders. And they leave their abodes properly clothed. The rest of the world has already grasped this concept. Certain Americans, in particular many young female Americans, would do well to follow suit, or risk losing out miserably to women from elsewhere in the world who embody femininity and class whenever seen in public.

Next up, the thrill of the chase. The traditional gender relations setup defined the man as the hunter, and the woman, the prey. Now that the system has been turned on its head, the system has changed, and women need to take a more proactive approach to securing a romantic partner. The antiquated do-nothing approach may be stubbornly clinging to life (much like the fax machine), but, faced with foreign competition, it’s time this method joined the top hat in the dustbin of history. Throwing the entire responsibility of initiating relations at the feet of men is a huge burden, and any woman willing to lessen this burden is immediately welcomed as a breath of fresh air. A foreign woman willing to express interest, and communicate what she wants, will act as an impenetrable barrier preventing guys from even noticing the local girl waiting for Prince Charming to come take her lazy tush off to paradise. Japanese women, in particular, have completely obsoleted the American woman in the dating marketplace. It’s time to pick up the slack and evolve.

Finally, speech. There is nothing wrong with the American accent. There is, however, a disturbing style that is trending in modern female English: vocal fry. Originally a symptom of a speech disorder, this guttural croaking is apparently now in vogue among American girls. Let us now hold a moment of silence in light of this great tragedy. Soft, high-pitched vocals are traditionally associated with femininity, and continue to be perceived as attractive by males. Such a deep, coarse groan goes opposite to feminine beauty, and is unique to females. That means that now the voice of young American girls falls even lower on the estrogen scale than a male voice. As a decent human being who values beauty and decency, it rends my heart asunder to hear a young woman sounding like a lifetime chain-smoker or a coal miner.

America is about innovation. It’s about exceptionalism. It’s about conquering all obstacles through the power of freedom and adaptability. That’s why I urge the evolution of the modern American girl in order to be able to compete on a global scale. Picture the contest for a man’s heart as a ring fight. In the red corner, a nondescript foreign woman. Her attire, classy and alluring. Her voice, smooth and pleasing. Her approach, direct, engaging, and personable. In the blue corner, a young girl from the U.S. of A. She wears the same sky-blue Hello Kitty pajamas she slept in, with the virulent addition of Crocs. She sounds like a princess recently transformed from a toad, still having difficulties readjusting to human speech. She has no approach at all, choosing instead to remain in one place, awaiting what fate may come. The fight is over before it even begins. And I die a little inside.

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you for listening.