National Cryptoequity – Pleasant Opposite of National Debt? (via CoinTelegraph)

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The modern government-run financial system employs a staggering amount of national debt. The United States’s national debt is fast approaching $18 trillion, with no sign of stopping. This debt, while incurred by the government, ends up being the responsibility of the public to pay it off, or else risk collective financial suicide.

However, instead of shouldering this massive burden and having economic progress crushed under its weight, there exists a way to use cryptocurrency to achieve the opposite effect for people: give them equity.

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The Revolution Will Be Digitized

digital revolution

Imagine a puzzle that became harder to solve
each time you solved it.
And those who answer this riddle
are rewarded with chunks of data
which serve as currency
that threatens the greedy pigs
who rely on you and I
to replenish their troughs.

This so-called threat
is a digital rebel
that hides deep in the crypt,
outside of the corporate
Ponzi scheme.

Forged in a cooperative money system
absent of hierarchy
or centralization,
the rebel shatters
the monopoly of the cartel. [Read more…]

The Age of Imagination


What if anything you could think of could be created out of thin air? What if the product of your childlike imagination would become a reality in a few short months, possibly less? What if I told you that we’re already mostly there?

The last century, especially the last few decades, has seen a veritable explosion in technological progress. Before, in the old school days, you had to keep your wild imagination in check. Think of something awesome? Too bad, it’s probably not happening. If all you’ve got are basic tools, farm animals, and maybe some metals, or even if you had an industrial-age factory, you’d be much better off starting with the limitations of your tools and then trying to come up with creative uses for them. Now, because of the internet, 3D printing, mobile devices, and blockchain technology, the real challenge is thinking up a new “what if” and only later looking into the technological means. It’s no longer about finding out what’s possible, but what would be awesome. [Read more…]

Everything’s a Scam


Scam: Anything and everything new you’re excited about

Word of mouth is crucial to the business community, especially in the world of entrepreneurship. New business thrives on excitement and energy, and a critical key to its success is imparting enough of this energy onto investors to secure startup funding. Because of this, frauds, thieves, and con-men have long exploited the entrepreneurial environment to convince investors to part with their hard-earned cash before disappearing into the night. Therefore, the basic “Stay away from X, it’s a scam!” warning can be a currency of high value in the business community.

That’s where we run into problems: people “printing money,” or fabricating scams to artificially inflate their own value in the community. You see, the cost of poo-pooing a new idea is very minimal in the long run. Even if a new venture succeeds, no one doubles back and makes former critics eat their words. They instead focus (as well they should) on keeping their victory going. Meanwhile, the consummate critic gets a momentary boost of clout, and this only increases if they end up vindicated.
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Agorist cab service succeeds thanks to Bitcoin

No job. A Prius. And the will to succeed. For Riaz, the owner of Agora Cab, a Manchester, New Hampshire-based ride service, that was enough to become one of the city’s hottest new businesses.

In between jobs, Riaz began offering rides to friends for cash. Before long, word of mouth grew this side-gig into a full-fledged business. Day or night, wherever you are, you can always count on Agora Cab to give you a ride for well below market rates.

And the best part? You can pay in Bitcoin. In fact, a good chunk of Riaz’s business comes from the digital cryptocurrency.

If Agora Cab’s success teaches us anything, it’s that anyone can create opportunity. All it takes is an entrepreneurial spirit, a conducive environment like New Hampshire, and no one to stop you.

Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx.

First car bought with Bitcoin in New Hampshire

New Hampshire history was made when Robert Mathias and Darryl Perry, two Free State Project participants, engaged in the state’s first ever Bitcoin car purchase, further cementing the Free State as a haven of alternative, government-less economic activity.

Even better, the newly-christened “bitmobile” sports vanity plates reading “BITCOIN” as a constant reminder of what can be done without involving government currency whatsoever.

It’s a new age where anything is possible. Money and efficient transactions without government or banks? You’d better believe it.