Chris Kyle’s Disgrace Shows the War Cult’s Strength


Late American war hero Chris Kyle is in the news again. And it’s nothing good. Documents have surfaced revealing that media darling and universal symbol of badassery lied even more than we previously thought, and about the most holy of subjects: his military record. In a sacrilegious display of stolen valor, Kyle invented not one, not two, but three medals that he never received. Worse still, he was called on his embellished record by his comrades, and decided to run with the lie anyway. And lastly, to put the final nail in the coffin of this travesty of honor, everyone who knew of Kyle’s embellishments was too afraid to speak out against this arrogant fraud of a human being.

I’ve written before about the stunning backlash thrown at anyone and everyone daring to question, let alone criticize, Kyle’s record. This created an environment where the self-styled hero could lie at will about his own accomplishments without facing even the distant possibility of repercussions. And remember, this is a guy who didn’t need to make anything up. Kyle did four deployments, racked up an impressive body count, and legitimately earned four of the seven medals for valor that he claimed. Yet he still decided to lie about an extra three medals, killing car thieves and looters in the US, and punching a poor old veteran in the face. Not because he needed to, but because he wanted to further inflate his ego, and knew no one would stop him.

That, unfortunately, is the power of the war cult. It’s America’s largest religion, the only one that demands human sacrifice. Because of it, untold millions have died in senseless, unjustifiable wars, and whole armies of young men and women have been thrown into the meat grinder of futility, emerging dead, maimed, scarred, suicidal, broken. All because you can’t even ask questions in the war cult.

A racist, gleeful killer rises to fame and fortune through an autobiography, and later feature film, full of lies about his military record, his service, and his civilian life, including about his supposed charity donations to fellow veterans. His lies are egregious enough that he is successfully sued for defamation. The company he started is sued by investors for his embezzlement of their money. The guy even wore a plagiarized skull symbol to represent his relishing of death. And this is your hero? Thank the war cult.

Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx. He is also the founder of the Rights Brigade, a mover for the Free State Project, and a martial art instructor.
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    • LynxFreeorDie

      Possibly so. The only way to be absolutely sure is to compare the documents on both sides for accuracy. Three things, though, are still for certain:
      1) Kyle was a compulsive liar. Anything that he said has to be independently verified for accuracy.
      2) Rick Perry’s word is meaningless as well, since he’s not only part of the conservative war machine, but also politically beholden to Kyle’s myth. Again, only the documents.
      3) Even if what he said was true, and Kyle actually received more medals, he still lied, since the amount claimed by Perry is more than the amount claimed by Kyle in his book. “Understating” is lying… like if I “understated” my arrest record or my net worth.

      • gg


        1)Never heard he was a compulsive liar. I am sure someone who is as accomplished as he is going to be braggadocios. Would like to see credible link to that story!
        3) Hmm, interesting viewpoint. So understating what you did is lying? How about if your memory is not great, and you would rather understate than overstate your case, you are more modest. I don’t view this as lying.

        I don’t think that people who understate their wealth or arrest record are lying. Maybe it is none of your business!, or with the arrest record, they are not “proud” of a certain thing they have a record for.

        • LynxFreeorDie

          1) Absolutely. He lied about being in Katrina and shooting looters. There was no evidence he did so. He lied about shooting a couple of carjackers at a gas station. The local police department reported no such thing ever happened. He lied about meeting Jesse Ventura badmouthing the troops and then punching him in the face. Ventura sued him for defamation. Kyle met with Ventura to try to pay him off (settle out of court). Ventura rejected the offer, and won the lawsuit after Kyle had passed. I linked most of that in the original article I wrote over a year ago:

          3) To my mind, “understatement” is dismissively approximating something lower than the reality. “All told, I would end my career with a total of…” is not understating, it’s clearly stating incorrect information. If you told your partner that you had been with 8 sexual partners and been married once, when the truth was you had 12 partners and had been married twice, wouldn’t you think that’s lying?

          • Torrie Elizabeth

            not sure about Kyle and the details of lying but I also know that checking the police reports for people who shot looters after Katrina wont get you anything but a dead end., therefore he very well could have. You have no idea the atrocities that we experienced first hand.

          • LynxFreeorDie

            True, and I’m sure government incompetence is at an all-time high during times of societal breakdown, but there were no other independently-confirmed reports either. And it seems pretty consistent with the rest of his proven lies.

  • ryan

    in regards to Katrina story, Torrie is correct. That story cannot be verified true or false, and never will be. That story shouldn’t be used to make judgement, because the truth cannot be known. Otherwise i have no thoughts nor dog in this fight.