Don’t Hate the Left Because They’re Better Bullies


“Trump protests turn violent.” I know, what else is new, but now these incidents are turning into much more than a one-off problem. Videos have come out of protesters taunting, beating, chasing, and throwing eggs on Trump supporters, the latter of which are very shocked and outraged by this turn of events. Me? I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Now, by no means am I dismissing the violence that has taken place, or condoning it in any way, shape, or form. I wholeheartedly believe in peace and voluntary human interaction, so I want no stake in this whole brutality game. This is not me shilling for the left here. By and large they’re a gang of violent, disruptive bullies. But so are conservatives now. They just suck at it, and deserve to be mocked for their ineptitude.

And don’t try to tell me that Trump doesn’t incite violence. I’m not stupid. I’ve seen the countless instances of the orange one encouraging his acolytes to physically hurt nonviolent protesters, even repeating over and over again his promise to pay for legal representation for any violence his followers cause. And believe me, they have eagerly listened to their hero’s recommendations. It starts with beating and racially abusing African-American protesters and screaming about lighting others on fire, and ends (for now) with a North Carolina sheriff’s department considering charges against Trump for inciting a riot, and a lawsuit in Kentucky for just that. Darker still, a homeless Hispanic man in Boston was beaten and urinated on unprovoked by a pair of brothers who named Trump’s immigration comments as inspiration. Make no mistake, the GOP frontrunner and his worshipers are a band of violent thugs.

But guess what: the left has been at this violence game for way longer. From communist agitations to labor union bullying, disruption is their number one secret weapon. Before, the violence level of political actions by the left was reigned in by the degree to which the right was wiling to reciprocate. Now that the right has fully committed to thuggery, the left is free to demonstrate force to their fullest abilities without losing the moral high ground. And let me tell you, that ability to generate mayhem is pretty impressive. I wish we all could just get along, and treat each other with civility and respect, as I have resolved to do myself. But I nonetheless struggle to stifle a giggle when I see a band of goons whose entire platform revolves around strength and bullying getting their proverbial underwear pulled over their heads by a bunch of touchy-feely lefties. And then whining about it. Oh it’s glorious.

So to all the Trump supporters getting butthurt about getting their butts kicked quite literally, I’ll say this: grow up. You wanted this. You pretended to have the moral high ground before, but you lost it when you decided you’d rather insult, bully, and beat up your opponents. Hey, well guess what? The left is way better at behaving like a bunch of thugs. They’re running circles around you in the hooliganism department, and what’s worse, you’re crying about it like a bunch of babies. Yes, you read that right: the left is making you look like wimps. Between absolutely losing it when anyone dares to say something about Chris Kyle to hyperventilating at getting bullied by some protesters, you’ve officially made the red “make America great again” hat into the foremost international symbol of weakness and cowardice. You must be proud of yourselves. Let me know when you’ve lost so much that you get tired of losing.

Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx. He is also the founder of the Rights Brigade, a mover for the Free State Project, and a martial art instructor.