Everything’s a Scam


Scam: Anything and everything new you’re excited about

Word of mouth is crucial to the business community, especially in the world of entrepreneurship. New business thrives on excitement and energy, and a critical key to its success is imparting enough of this energy onto investors to secure startup funding. Because of this, frauds, thieves, and con-men have long exploited the entrepreneurial environment to convince investors to part with their hard-earned cash before disappearing into the night. Therefore, the basic “Stay away from X, it’s a scam!” warning can be a currency of high value in the business community.

That’s where we run into problems: people “printing money,” or fabricating scams to artificially inflate their own value in the community. You see, the cost of poo-pooing a new idea is very minimal in the long run. Even if a new venture succeeds, no one doubles back and makes former critics eat their words. They instead focus (as well they should) on keeping their victory going. Meanwhile, the consummate critic gets a momentary boost of clout, and this only increases if they end up vindicated.

The problem with this habit of rushing to knock down new ventures is that it ends up harshly discouraging innovation and progress. And you can see it happening all the time. Bitcoin is a scam. Other cryptocurrencies are scams. New ride-sharing app Arcade City is a scam. The Free State Project? Scam. I’ve lost track of the number of things I’ve heard called a scam for no good reason.

Imagine if we approached everything in life with that initial rush of negativity. Got a new job? It’s a scam. Made your first million? Probably from drug money. Just got married? Likely a sham, won’t last. Had a child? Probably defective, will end up a serial killer or something. Yes, imagine how destructive to relationships that publicly-expressed attitude would be. In other words, imagine a world without hope and charity. Think that’s any better for business and progress?

Some things in life are surefire and wonderful. Others are shady and deserve our suspicion. For all the rest, is it really best to default to derision and cynicism?

Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx. He is also the founder of the Rights Brigade, a mover for the Free State Project, and a martial art instructor.
  • The rush of negativity humans have is inherent, well some of it is. Modern negativity stems from humans being submerged into a society that is based on lies and secrets. Humans know when they are trapped in a cage and the response is anger, depression and negativity. This is why a society based on lies and secrets have to dispense drugs to placate the masses. What is the simple formula to combat the pervasive rush of creative death? Just as you can turn off the television or other device, a victim can and should, when confronted with negativity, turn completely away. Try it today, while speaking to the next human being, if they become negative, mid sentence, turn and walk away. If you can’t ask yourself why you can’t? Is it because your somehow trapped or imprisoned along with the individual your speaking with? If yes, then I hand you now: a break out of jail card. Once out, I’m sorry but there is no going back. The disconnection from this reality may make you feel drowsy, It is important that try not to operate machinery for a while, but you will soon feel as right as rain.