I Am Bowe Bergdahl

When reading the story of American POW Bowe Bergdahl, I couldn’t help but think: that could’ve been me.

Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx. He is also the founder of the Rights Brigade, a mover for the Free State Project, and a martial art instructor.
  • Cherie

    Pathetic is the word that comes to mind after watching this coward that would stand up for yet another coward and condemn the US and its people for the poor choices our politicians make for us. But war is nothing new, and wouldn’t it be great if there was such a thing as “a war without weapons”?

    But let’s look at the story a bit differently, what if you were depending on Bowe to watch your back. When he signed up, he was thinking of himself, the pay, the pension and everything else that goes along with signing up. To make excuses after the fact just doesn’t cut it.

    Could anyone depend on Bowe to watch their back? A significant other, his children, his parents and anyone else he loved? I think not, I think he’s a coward and he should be punished for his actions, or lack thereof. To send back war criminals in exchange for this poor excuse of a man, is unconscionable. To have done so without consent of Congress is proof that we are not a democracy, but rather a single politician making the decision for all of us.

    And let’s talk about our tax dollars, should Bowe be compensated while he was under the safe haven of his captors? How can we be certain that he didn’t disclose confidential information while he was whining and moaning to his captors? He’s nothing more than a pawn, a piece that represents little in the scheme of things, except maybe to the boo hoo club that accepts quitters and failures.

    Whoever this guy is that made the video was wrong in saying it could have been him. He did consider the consequences of signing up. Bowe betrayed his brothers, he left them without even so much as an Adios. I don’t think he deserves love and compassion, I think the men that didn’t make it out of the war, or the ones that did, and never gave up, loosing limbs and their safe haven for a gutless guys like Bowe.

  • sam

    I am a retired Senior Navy Officer. My comments:
    1. If Bowe had such serious objections to performing his duties, he could have declared himself a conscientious objector, and would have been relieved of duty and discharged from the (Volunteer) Army.
    2. Instead, he deserted an assigned post, left his weapon, and walked away, leaving his fellow soldiers in peril. This is desertion. He should be brought before a Courts Martial and awarded punishment for this transgression.
    3. Unfortunately, it will probably never happen, due to the political ramifications.