More Murdered in Chicago in 2016 Than Live in 33 Smallest NH Towns

More people have been murdered in Chicago in 2016 than live in the New Hampshire’s smallest 33 towns.

According to Chicago PD, 762 murders occurred in the city last year, from among 4,331 victims of shootings. This number more than doubles the reported murder total of New York City, a city several times the population size. According to Chicago PD’s superintendent Eddie Johnson, while no one cause can be cited for the high number of deaths, increased gang activity and boldness shares a large portion of the blame.

Those murder totals would wipe out many New Hampshire towns

The sheer number of people murdered in Chicago, if they occurred in New Hampshire, a state with about half the total population, would be sufficient to completely wipe some towns off the map. Towns like Croydon and Newington would no longer exist, as well as 31 other of the state’s least populous. Those numbers would be enough to eradicate the bottom five (Waterville Valley, Roxbury, Windsor, Ellsworth, and Hart’s Location) put together.

Even adjusted as a percentage of the state’s population, those murders would still be about 380, enough to wipe out 16 towns, or the bottom three put together. Denizens of the Live Free or Die state can rest grateful for the fact that their state is nowhere near as violent.

New Hampshire is far safer and freer

The Granite State is more rural, less populated, and many times more safe than the Windy City. According to the Disaster Center, there were 14 murders in New Hampshire in 2015, or 3.67% of Chicago’s 2016 total for a similar population size. Meanwhile, the Cato Institute’s Freedom in the 50 States report ranks Illinois as 44th out of 50 US states in terms of freedom, while New Hampshire ranks in as the freest. This freedom discrepancy, including in economic opportunity and to the right to self-defense among peaceful citizens, may explain the massive difference in murder rates.

Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx. He is also the founder of the Rights Brigade, a mover for the Free State Project, and a martial art instructor.