NH Cops Crack Down on Car Charity, Weed Garden

old car

New Hampshire police have been busy cracking down on all kinds of dangerous criminals, notably a charity garage and an old man’s impressive garden of cannabis plants.

The Good News Garage, a charity program that recycles cars for the needy, has had to suspend operations in Manchester due to a lack of a used car dealer license. This lack of a license is nothing new, as Good News Garage has operated there without one for the past decade. Only now did the issue come up at a council meeting, ending charity’s 10-year reign of paperwork-less terror.

It’s worth noting that the Good News Garage is a government-funded program, and as such, guilty of a good deal of waste. Still, while ending a wasteful government program is always a good thing, doing so to a charity program over a long-overlooked paperwork issue seems a little ridiculous.

Police and firefighters working together against an old man and his plants

Meanwhile, a man in Hooksett has been arrested for his horticultural hobby. Kevin Black is a potential felon now because of his impressive 103 marijuana plants, which is a “well duh” moment for anyone familiar with America’s drug laws, but perplexing when one looks at it through the context of armed agents coming after some old guy and his plants.

Also noteworthy is the fact that it was firefighters who tipped police off to the scofflaw gardener while responding to a nearby call, meaning that firefighters are equally to be avoided if you have anything going on that you don’t want the cops knowing about.

Despite changing social attitudes, marijuana has a long legal way to go

While America’s nonsensical drug laws have come under more scrutiny as of late, with the President’s own daughter caught smoking pot (and, of course, getting away with it), the federal government shows no signs of relaxing its anachronistic prohibitionist approach. The Drug Enforcement Agency recently refused to reschedule marijuana, leaving it as a Class 1 substance, considered as dangerous as heroin.

Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx. He is also the founder of the Rights Brigade, a mover for the Free State Project, and a martial art instructor.
  • Dave Van Wyk

    Yeah, “Despite changing social attitudes, marijuana has a long legal way to go”
    — you can’t blame sheeple for their believing that MJ use needs to be controlled when BO still leads the anti-MJ charge — he’s part of the Hillary cabal that believes laws are for everyone but them; they are ABOVE it — Reason Mag wrongly reasons, “Obama can’t legalize marijuana on a federal basis himself, Congress must do that” — WHOA — since when did BO care about the Constitution? — he famously said he has a pen and a phone, and makes an end-run around congress whenever he feels like it — face it, he doesn’t WANT to end TWoD that corrupts officials, ruins many lives, and costs the taxpayers — he has NO excuse he can hide behind; he’s done MJ before and he KNOWS that it should be decriminalized — don’t blame the locals; it’s from the top down.

    • Blaming Obama exclusively for marijuana laws is really wrong-headed. The GOP has been as bad, if not worse, on this. Have the GOP pass decrim, and Obama veto it. Then we’ll talk.

      • Dave Van Wyk

        Joel — a tu quoque argument, even if it were not a fallacy, wouldn’t work here — why should I care that the pubs are just as bad? — BO is the only prez that wrote a book about his MJ experience, hence “he KNOWS that it should be decriminalized” — AND he happens to be the ONLY prez we have at the moment — and why do you suppose dems (BO and Hillary) haven’t made a big deal about MJ decrim? — I KNOW why the pubs haven’t jumped on the issue: they BELIEVE TWoD will work — they actually think that MJ and drug use can be stopped if illegal — even many dems do also, notwithstanding the fact that drugs and alcohol haven’t stopped some from winning the WH race — I brot up BO partially because you only mentioned him in passing when you pointed out that his own daughter was caught smoking pot.