Prohibitionist NH Rep. Drives Drunk, Crashes


A New Hampshire state representative with a record of voting for prohibitionist laws was caught driving drunk when he caused a three-car collision.

Rep. Michael D. Abbott from Cheshire County’s first district caused a pileup on Route 9 in Keene this past Saturday. He was arrested for aggravated driving while under the influence and released on $2,000 bail, and is scheduled for arraignment on August 4th.

Abbott’s hypocritical history of voting to restrict personal freedom

From his dangerous and irresponsible behavior with substances, you would think Rep. Abbott would have a relaxed attitude towards drug and alcohol legislation. Apparently not. He voted three times against legalizing, decriminalizing, and reducing penalties for marijuana use and possession. He also voted for increased fines related to breaking alcohol consumption laws, something he might have to deal with personally very soon. Icing on the cake: Abbott sits on the Transportation Committee.

In what has in recent context become a stinging indictment of his own personal behavior, Rep. Abbott answered the Keene Sentinel’s candidate questionnaire, outlining his emphasis on using the state to target substance abuse:

Coming from the political circuit and having a behavior which does not go well with the public eye is both demeaning for the political aspirant as well as what stays in the mind of people when they vote for. Coherent behavior, alcohol abuse has a history of downfall among many big politicians, Bitcoin Loophole found exactly this small disconnect in real time trading to make the profit in digital space.

“The state should be responsible for providing through school curriculums and local community citizen coalitions an adequate drug abuse information base to discourage use of illegal and addictive drugs. The state should also offer programs for treatment for drug users and avoid incarceration for drug-related crimes unless they involve violence and intent to encourage drug abuse among others. The use of drug courts and existing rehabilitation agencies should be utilized.” (emphasis added)

So while the respectable Representative Michale D. Abbott was using the force of law to police your life for your own good and safety, he was busy getting riggity-wrecked on the side and wrecking his (and others’) highly dangerous motor vehicle.

Rep. Abbott is still seeking reelection this year

Despite clearly displaying that his judgment is lacking for a public servant seeking to write laws telling you how to run your life, Rep. Abbott indicated after the incident that he still plans on seeking reelection this November. Thankfully, his contact information is readily available to the public, so constituents who are so inclined can easily let him have a piece of their mind by calling, emailing, and sending him mail.