Rule of Law(lessness)


We are fast approaching an uncanny moment in American history, thanks to the lawless, authoritarian ways of current President Barack Obama’s administration.

Now, please don’t take me for a bitter Republican still being a sore loser about the last two presidential elections, or an opportunist taking advantage of scandals and missteps by the Administration in order to feel politically astute, for I assure you I am neither. No, I’m fascinated by this situation because of what it means for the future of government. It could be a turning point in history as far as the nature of the nation-state… or its existence altogether.

The ever-astute, knowledgeable, principled Judge Andrew Napolitano chronicles the many ways in which the Obama administration increasingly flat-out disregards the law, including unilaterally delaying enforcement of key provisions of the Affordable Care Act and spying on the entire American people. Most recently, a new arms shipment to an Egypt in turmoil blatantly defies current law, without more than a half-hearted attempt at justification.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a case of government establishing increasingly abusive laws. It’s a case of operating outside of legality altogether. And that’s huge, for two main reasons.

It heralds the end of limited government. The limitations placed on the U.S. Federal Government mean little if they are ignored. The only limitations it now respects are how much extralegal activity it can get away with without the people rising up.

It signifies that the people will no longer view the government as representative of their will. This byproduct of the first point is especially important because it means that the people will no longer look to the government to solve their problems. The state will be viewed as an obstacle rather than an ally, meaning all solutions to societal problems will be approached in spite of, rather than through, the state. Questioning the existence of the state altogether is just a short stop over.

What we will see in the future is a growing cold war between the American people and their government. More on that next time…

Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx. He is also the founder of the Rights Brigade, a mover for the Free State Project, and a martial art instructor.
  • Jacob Hernandez

    First of all, this ‘Lawlessness” you are talking about, Isn’t created by a single like the President, Barack Obama. Our leagal system is run off of a system of checks balances, which means that if Barack Obama did try to pass to pass an unfair law there is two other branches that the law needs to go through. Look at how many people are in congress. You can not sit there and tell me that Obama is the only one that wants these laws passed. When a new law is thought up it has to go through the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branches. If you really believe that Barack Obama is a man who disregards law and does not care for the American then you are dead wrong. Also before I get more into this I would like you to know that I a Republican nor a Democrat. If you are going to press such aligations then you should have evidance instead of just saying random things that you heard from other people or the news. In this entire blog I didn’t see one time where you actually anything, and all you did was acuse. You said you read an artcile which talks about these situations in detail but you never even put a link nor gave a title so people can see for theirselves. Also, you talk about this situation as if the laws being passed are all Obama’s doing. There are over five-hundred people in congress, so even if the President actually did do this all himself then that would mean all of those people in congress either agreed with a stupid law that they all new would do nothing but bad for this country or it just passed all of them up and both of those are extremly unlikely. In other words, there is no possible way that all of this is Obamas fault. You should alot more thinking for yourself and researching more about these situations instead of just looking at other people opinions and blogs and thinking that they are right.

    • There’s too much of a ranting mess here to address completely, so I’ll cut to the main points. One, common vernacular refers to governmental eras by the sitting president (i.e. “the Bush years”). Two, all things directly mentioned were acts of the Administration.

  • Peter

    I gotta say, the violations by the executive branch during the Bush administration were far more egregious and detrimental to the country in so many ways, that the Obama administration’s transgressions can be seen as a marked improvement. That, by the way, is a very SAD statement on the state of affairs.