Should Johnson and Weld Be Removed from the Libertarian Party Ticket?

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The Libertarian Party of the Seacoast of New Hampshire has asked the Libertarian National committee to remove Johnson / Weld as the candidates. Will this have any impact? This is the thirteenth episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Remove Johnson and Weld Edition.

Many of us have been railing against Gary Johnson and Bill Weld for months, and many of us have independently asked the Libertarian National Committee to invoke Article 14 Section 5 of their Bylaws to remove Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, or at the very least, Bill Weld, from the Libertarian Party. Every time I’ve mentioned this to friends of mine and people I endorsed on the LNC, they have told me to contact my regional LNC representative and ask them to do it. So, I decided to do just that, with some help.

Libertarian Party of the Seacoast takes action

At last night’s monthly meeting of the Libertarian Party of the Seacoast in New Hampshire, I put forth a motion to ask our LNC representative, Patrick McKnight, to send a motion to the LNC asking for the removal of these two anti-libertarian clowns as our candidates. The motion was passed by 10 of us unanimously. This morning our chairman, Brian, sent the following letter to Patrick McKnight and all of the LNC At-Large reps:

On September 13th at the regular business meeting of the LP Seacoast, a motion was made and passed to contact you regarding the presidential ballot of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.  The motion asked that you make a motion to the LNC to suspend the nomination of both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld as they do not uphold the principles of the Libertarian Party as both have openly made statements in support of the use of force.  Both candidates actively avoid using the word libertarian and have demonstrated time and time again an inability to even grasp what it means to be libertarian.  Per Article 14, Section 5 of the LP bylaws, a candidate’s nomination may be suspended by a 3/4 vote of the entire membership of the National Committee at a meeting.  We understand that this motion has a low probability of success, but we’re asking you to show that there are some in the Libertarian Party who still hold principle above party.  Do you have the principle to stand with those who voice opposition to those without principles?   Will you put forth an effort on behalf of principled libertarians or will you willingly step back, swallow your principle and pump the party line?  Is this still the “Party of Principle?” Members of your region are speaking out and the ball is in your court.  We will patiently await your response.

I’ve caught quite a bit of flak for this since posting it. I’ve been called pro-Trump, unproductive, and a navel-gazer (whatever the fuck that means). Pro-Trump is just laughable and an obvious smear. As to the charge of being unproductive, I say it is much more unproductive to run unprincipled candidates in the supposed “Party of Principles.” Marketing 101 is to never hurt your brand. We are hurting the brand of the LP by running non-libertarians in the top two spots. This action by the LP of the Seacoast is an effort, albeit a long shot, of trying to repair that brand in any way possible.

What is the LP Seacoast trying to accomplish?

So what is our goal by doing this, since it is a long shot? Primarily, it is about starting a conversation about how important it is to run actual libertarians as candidates for the Libertarian Party. You’ve heard me make all of the arguments on this show already so I’m not going to waste your time on that, but the LP has been running non-libertarians as President since 2008 with no sign of letting up. I half-way expect to see Mitt Romney as the next LP candidate in 2020 at this rate. We know he’s already guaranteed whatever spot he wants on the Johnson campaign, according to Johnson himself. So, this is a conversation that needs to happen so hopefully we can avoid making this mistake in 2020. What better way to start a conversation that stir the pot? And I love to stir the pot…

The other reason for this is that in the way off chance that the LNC actually stands up for principle and replaces these two clowns with actual libertarians, this would be huge for the LP. Can you imagine the conversations this would cause in the media? The largest third party removed its candidates over principles? What principles do they have? This would be a big win for us. It would make people say, “What the actual fuck?” At least then people would understand what an actual libertarian is and stands for. This is the very best thing we could do for the Libertarian Party.

What can you do to help?

I encourage you to contact your LNC regional representatives as well and ask them to support this. I have a link in the show notes to this episode to the email addresses of all the LNC representatives. You can get that link at Help me make the Libertarian Party libertarian again.

Until next time… keep striking the root!

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Rodger Paxton
Rodger Paxton
Rodger, who runs the LAVA Flow Podcast, is a long-time libertarian activist and former Chairman and Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas. Rodger and his wife Jessica are Free State Project movers who unschool their children at home.
  • Ron Helton

    Just as our liberties have been taken from us piece by piece, we will have to take them back piece by piece. Otherwise, we will never stop this erosion of our Constitution and the blind patriotism that is running rampant in this country. This patriotism is not as a show of allegiance to the Constitution, but rather to the government which takes every opportunity to shred the very documents that guarantee our liberties.

    No, Johnson and Weld are not the perfect candidates to be representing the Libertarian Party. BUT, they are a step in the right direction.

    I can not accept either the liars Trump or Clinton as the President. They will both drag us into more wars and more military actions on this bogus “war on terror”.

    • Small Fry

      What can we do? The libertarian party is going nowhere fast…

      • Ron Helton

        We have to take what we can get right now. Any reversal in the madness that is going on now is better than nothing.

        People have been conditioned since birth to think this is how the government is suppose to be. But it is just the opposite. We are subservient to the entrenched bureaucracy. Not what the founding fathers had intended.

        • Small Fry

          Did you hear, no libertarian candidate at the first debate because they did not meet the 15% threshold. I think they came in at around 8%.. oh well..ugh

          They really needed to be at the first debate in order to create momentum and now that’s not going to happen.

          • Ron Helton

            Well, if the persons running the debates are either Republican or Democrat; how hard do you think it will be to get them to agree to allow a third party to participate? There is no “sportsmanship” in politics. The strategy is whatever it takes to get elected.

            Neither the Republicans or Democrats want a spoiler in the race. Let’s face it, Trump and Clinton are the two vilest candidates (at least in my lifetime) to run for the office of President.

            Too many people are eating at the government slop trough and are afraid they are going to lose their “freebies” if they vote for anything other than a Democrat or Republican. With over 19 trillion and debt and rising, the “freebies” are about to end no matter which party wins.

          • Ron Helton

            You can’t meet the 15% threshold if the polls are lopsided. Have you been polled? I haven’t and neither have the more than 100 people in my circle of family, friends and acquaintances. Who is being polled and why aren’t the poll questions more straightforward? Think about it. It is a closed system and those who would have their boats rocked the most will do anything they can to prevent a third party from turning their schemes upside down.

  • TexLiberty

    Rampant idiocy. You have to make compromises to run in a national election. Compromises in strategy are not compromises of principle