Civil Disobedience for Entrepreneurship? Interview With Christopher David


Arcade City, the much-hyped ride-sharing app which promises to be the “Uber-killer” and the new face of the industry, is a company born out of conflict with authorities. Rising from the remains of the Free Uber campaign, Arcade City’s CEO Christopher David set to work spreading the company’s “regulations-be-damned” presence across the globe. This resulted in the police in Austin, Texas coming for him for ostensibly operating an illegal ride-sharing company. Now, the city of Portsmouth has a warrant out for his arrest for a no-show to a court date hailing back to the Free Uber days, when David recorded a taxi-friendly bouncer who was being hostile towards Uber drivers.

I interviewed Christopher David on the usefulness of civil disobedience’s nexus with business, as well as the long-term viability of an “outlaw ride-sharing” company. [Read more…]

Austin Comes After Free Enterprise…Again


The city of Austin, Texas is once again trying to crush free enterprise.

Fresh off the heels of forcing out Uber and Lyft with onerous regulations, Austin has come after Arcade City, the decentralized ride-sharing competitor that has moved in to fill the void.

On Friday July 15th, Austin PD sent a detail of officers to assist in ticketing Christopher David, Arcade City’s founder, at the co-working space from where he was running operations in the city (via a Facebook group where drivers arrange free rides, while passengers are encouraged to tip). Fortunately, David was not present (in the city, state, or even country) to receive the Class C misdemeanor gift, a charge for operating a ride-sharing company without proper paperwork, though he did have some harsh words city officials: [Read more…]