Government Only Understands Force

bundy grave

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” – Mao Tse Tung

Behind every eloquent speech, every lofty ideal, every claim of legitimate governance, there lies a wicked undercurrent of deadly force. Behind all resistance to the purportedly legitimate system there also lies a steely backbone. We saw that steel on full display at the Bundy Ranch.

The state realizes its edicts through force. Disobey a law and you’ll be fined. Refuse to pay the fine and you’ll be arrested. Resist arrest and you’ll be shot. It’s that simple. Upset enough people, though, and you’ll quickly find yourself facing down an angry mob the likes of which you can’t disperse. A government must therefore exert only as much coercive control as it can without provoking the entire populace to revolt. That’s the eternally delicate balance between man and state.

Some states, namely those with a disarmed populace, push the balance further than others. We saw that during the 20th century in communist countries as well as the Third Reich, where untold millions of innocents were rounded up and murdered by their governments. All because they didn’t have the means to defend themselves, to dissuade the state from carrying out the worst of its planned atrocities. [Read more…]

Bundy Ranch Woke Up Conservatives to Police Abuse


Before the recent incident at the Bundy ranch, it was easy for conservatives to ignore the issue of police abuse. Not anymore.

Police brutality in America has gone largely unnoticed by the general, unaffected public for years. There was a time when mentioning the issue to the average white American would draw nothing but blank stares. Ask black America, however, and you would be sure to get a much different picture. The Rodney King incident of the early 90s, where a savage beating by police was caught on film, woke the rest of society up to the violence that can take place when armed officers are given the right to the legitimate use of force and are left unwatched: they use said force illegitimately.

The Occupy movement brought to light once again the nasty propensity of those with power to use it for abusive purposes. Cop Block’s valiant efforts to bring light to police abuse further woke up libertarian and left-of-center groups. The missing element? Conservatives. The amount of sympathy for victims of police brutality from right-of-center is extremely lacking. Getting beaten on by police? Why are you breaking the law? Get a job and maybe you wouldn’t be up to no good. Why do you hate America, you damn hippie? [Read more…]