China’s Next


It’s coming. China’s time of troubles is right around the corner.

We’ve heard for years about how the populous hybrid of communism and capitalism is on a triumphant victory march. We’ve been told countless times that its rigid national discipline, newfound business acumen, and large size will lead it to global dominance. We’re all too familiar with the scenario of America crumbling into ashes while China rises like a phoenix in all its firey glory.

That’s not going to be the case. The People’s Republic is coming up on hard times.

I previously wrote about today’s restless and futureless youth from a more American perspective. It’s not, however, a uniquely American problem. It’s a problem caused by the old world, the old system of human society. The Chinese are just now coming to more or less accept this predominantly Western model, thinking it to be the key to a glorious future. They would be right had they come to the game a couple of decades sooner.

But now that model is outdated and unsuitable to the new world. And the cracks are showing, with China’s youth experiencing diminishing prospects of securing employment. That’s never a good sign, nor is it an isolated incident. More bad news is on its way.

Expect a full report on China’s looming struggles soon. Until then, suffice it to say that you’re in for quite a show. Sit back and relax, and enjoy the view from faraway shores.