NH Police Conduct Mental Health Sensitivity Training


New Hampshire police have begun conducting sensitivity training for encounters with those with mental health issues.

Police are conducting live-action simulations of encounters, with one officer role-playing the mentally ill, to adequately prepare for real encounters. The approach focuses on showing a concern for the citizen’s wellbeing, and emphasizes a calm, peaceful tone, showing no aggression while displaying legitimate compassion. Officers are trained to remain calm and non-threatening and use first names, while avoiding whispering, laughing, or initiating an arrest for non-criminal behavior. Above all, they are trained to de-escalate situations verbally and avoid physical force. [Read more…]

Peaceful Society Through Martial Arts (Porcfest 2014)

A strong people is a peaceful people, and widespread practice of the martial arts is a key way to develop the kind of society ready to not be governed. Talk delivered at the 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

How We Can Do Without Police

Photo credit: Chris Huggins

Photo credit: Chris Huggins

The cops are out of control. So much so that some of us are dreaming of a post-police world. Well, there’s no more need to dream. Wake up. It’s happening right before our eyes. And it’s about time. The police have gotten so far away from their purported role of protecting the people that more often than not they have ended up doing the exact opposite.

The tragic case of Marlene Tapia provides a perfect deconstruction of everything that’s wrong with today’s police state. First, Tapia was detained on suspicion of possessing narcotics. Never mind that she wasn’t hurting anyone, or that said narcotics were intended to make her, or someone someone else, happy, even if only temporarily. The officer involved was protecting or helping absolutely no one. Next, Tapia was strip-searched, a gross and forceful violation of her privacy and person. Again, such a procedure protects no one and only comes into play because of the aforementioned substance restriction. Finally, upon noticing evidence of a concealed substance protruding from Tapia’s body, the officer sprayed her genitals with mace, serving absolutely no purpose other than to cause her pain and humiliation.

What’s the worst part of this story? That everything the officer did except for the macing was standard procedure? That the officer had been “disciplined” for her torturous action, yet remained on staff? Or that millions of us involuntarily pay for an armed force to visit violence and aggression upon us?

How can we get the police to start working for us again? By making them private. Now I know you’re thinking this is just another libertarian fantasy. It isn’t. It’s real. And where is it happening? In the land of government failure: Detroit.

Yes, we’re talking about private citizens picking up the slack left by police incompetence. But we’re also talking about something even better: the Threat Management Center. This Detroit-based business has effectively filled the protection void left by law enforcement. But it gets even better. The Threat Management Center’s sole priorities are the protection of the people under their charge. They have specific incentives to focus exclusively on safety, and find non-violent ways of defusing tense situations before resorting to force. Since they’re privately funded, they have a direct incentive to make their customers happy. Any form of misconduct can instantly result in a loss of funding.

The best part? The Threat Management Center doesn’t exclusively protect paying customers. Yes, they protect people for free. They are able to do that because their profit margins are high enough. You heard that right: the evil, capitalistic word pairing “profit margin” working for the protection of the poor and weak for free. Their track record? Twenty years without a single court date, fallen officer, or fallen victim; a two-decade perfect score. All the while competing with government police, and outclassing them handily. Somewhere, a socialist is softly weeping.

Even some of the staunchest liberty advocates see a minimal role of government. Courts, justice system, law enforcement, national defense… all part of the proper, necessarily evil of the state. We at least need government police… right?

Apparently not. Score one for a peaceful, voluntary world.

Who Will Defend the Communities?

Photo credit: Mark Roy

Photo credit: Mark Roy

What is the proper role of government?

That’s the one question we can all disagree on. Do we need a state to build roads? Provide economic security? Legislate morality? Keep you from making yourself look hideous? One thing we can all agree on, though, is that we need a government to protect us from criminals.


Nope. Faced with an increase in violence, coupled by the government’s inability to provide for the public safety, several communities in the south of Mexico have taken up arms on their own initiative. Now, the town of Xaltianguis is sending over 100 women to the frontlines as part of a community self-defense initiative. Proving the modern Mexicana can have it all and still kick butt, the militia volunteers are working out schedules that allow them to continue their home lives while they fight for their town.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and out of the abject failure of the government to protect its citizens has arisen a real, voluntary solution. It’s cheap. It’s effective. And it’s gun-toting fun for the whole family.

What do we need the government for, again?