Trump Part of Dem Plan to Brand GOP as Bigoted


The Democratic Party has a long-term plan to undermine the Republican Party as bigoted and extreme, including promoting a Donald Trump candidacy.

According to leaked emails released by Wikileaks, the Clinton campaign saw the value in branding the opposing party as radical and bigoted in order to make the Democrats seem like the reasonable alternative. Part of that strategy included elevating more outspoken candidates like Donald Trump during the Republican primary in order to enforce that narrative.

In an email to campaign staff, Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, outlined the party’s greater strategy:

“I think we should just be clear about exactly what news we want to make. Personally, I think branding the GOP as bigoted and extreme is more in line with our bigger picture, long term goals, so I would favor sticking with asking why they didn’t speak out against what [sic] trump.”

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Libertarians for Trump Sold Their Soul for Nothing


The Donald Trump presidential campaign is quickly going down the drain, and with it the dignity of all those who have supported him. Especially libertarians.

The brightly-burning, foul-smelling Trumpster fire captured the admiration and support of a bizarrely wide spectrum of voters. Strangest of these were self-professed libertarians, fans of Ron Paul and the limited, constitutionally-restrained government for which he advocated. However, as recent revelations of a conversation ten years ago (that was somehow worse than what the Orange One discusses on a daily basis) have sent Republicans scrambling to jump ship, the wisdom of the opportunist libertarian sellout appeals less sound than ever. [Read more…]

All Government Employees Pay Less Taxes Than Donald Trump


Notice: The author believes that taxation is theft. The following is hypothetical based on the commonly-held viewpoint that government provides a positive service for society.

Much to do has been made over the recent revelation that Donald Trump hasn’t paid income taxes in a very long time. The orange man-thing touts it as a “genius” move to avoid paying the taxes necessary to finance the plethora of government programs he himself endorses, while his detractors call him an unpatriotic tax cheat. Bernie Sanders wisely pointed out that if everyone paid as much in taxes as Trump there would be no country… which is absolutely correct, if “country” means “slush fund for Sanders to buy another lake house (or “democratic lake house,” whatever).” Yes, the quick to criticize Bernie has paid far, far less taxes than Trump. Negative taxes, in fact.
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Why I Won’t Be Watching Tonight’s Debate


“Mr. Roark, we’re alone here. Why don’t you tell me what you think of me? In any words you wish. No one will hear us.”
“But I don’t think of you.” – The Fountainhead

We’ve reached a pivotal moment in 2016. After eight years of war and upheaval, combined with growth of cancerous government and economic collapse, we were treated to another eight of more of the same, this time under the banner of hope and change. The moment is ripe for real change. And, from the looks of it, the worst is yet to come. Squaring off to debate for the sacred office of US President, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, possibly two of the most corrupt and revolting purported humans to ever closely grasp at running the world’s most powerful nation, are ready for an ugly fight. It will be nasty. It will be ridiculous. And they want you to watch.

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Donald Trump Represents the Failure of the American Dream

trump dream

These are dark times for American politics. The Democratic Party has fielded a historically unpopular candidate embroiled in scandals rigging democracy, mishandling, and lying about, classified information, and selling weapons to terrorists. The Republican Party has seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by anointing a chosen one so revolting that his promise of villainy makes his opponent’s real-world evildoing seem tame by comparison. And yet, so many GOP voters were entranced by Donald Trump that he may have a very real shot at the presidency. Does this mean American voters are crazy? Maybe. Does it mean they have lost hope in a bright future? Definitely. Trump’s successful candidacy was only made possible by the passing of the American Dream.

The death of the rags-to-riches entrepreneur mythos

Trump’s ascendance to the role of champion of a noteworthy chunk of America represents the death of the rags-to-riches entrepreneur mythos. In a country that still believed in the determined immigrant fighting his way to the top, no one would care about a trust fund kid who managed to increase his considerable wealth by unimpressive margins while building an empire centered solely around name recognition. Unfortunately, based on the outcome of the Republican primary in 2016, it would seem that the country has lost faith. In short, Trump has only risen because the American Dream is dying. [Read more…]

Trump’s Porn Problem

This is the transcript of episode seven of The LAVA Spurt podcast. You can listen to the audio of this Podcast episode here:



This is the seventh episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Trump Porn Edition, where we talk about Trump’s hypocrisy with porn.

Donald Trump has become the first presidential candidate to sign an anti-pornography pledge, promising to crack down on obscenity, the first ever such internet anti-porn presidential pledge in history.

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