Fitting the Description

drug war

In the years of President Kennedy,
a weed that had grown in Spanish Harlem
sprouted into Johnny.
Barely a year out of high school
when he was accosted by gang members on the street.

The two thugs hailed from the biggest gang in town,
so Johnny knew better than to resist.
Johnny fit the description of a young, up and coming drug dealer,
and the gang didn’t like competition.

“Where’s the dope?” they asked as they went through his pockets.
Despite insisting that he had none, the gang kidnapped him anyway,
hurling him into their wagon with the other young Puerto Rican men,
his wrists choking from the bracelets they gave him. [Read more…]

NH Cops Crack Down on Car Charity, Weed Garden

old car

New Hampshire police have been busy cracking down on all kinds of dangerous criminals, notably a charity garage and an old man’s impressive garden of cannabis plants.

The Good News Garage, a charity program that recycles cars for the needy, has had to suspend operations in Manchester due to a lack of a used car dealer license. This lack of a license is nothing new, as Good News Garage has operated there without one for the past decade. Only now did the issue come up at a council meeting, ending charity’s 10-year reign of paperwork-less terror.

It’s worth noting that the Good News Garage is a government-funded program, and as such, guilty of a good deal of waste. Still, while ending a wasteful government program is always a good thing, doing so to a charity program over a long-overlooked paperwork issue seems a little ridiculous. [Read more…]