Getting Your Freedom On Someplace Else

The author currently lives in Chile and admins the group Run Like Hell on Facebook.

My first trip to a really foreign country was in 1993 to the Bahamas. When I arrived my hosts drove to a store, bought a case of beer, opened it up, and started drinking while driving the van. They assured me it was ok, and we drove to a nearby town where we parked in front of a hardware store. When I asked them what I should do with my beer, they just said to bring it in, along with my lit cigarette. So I did. And when we walked in there was a line of people waiting at the counter, all drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. That was when I knew that the US had been like that, once upon a time, and that I liked it better that way.

Why should you consider traveling? The standard fool’s response to anyone who questions anything they don’t like about the US is “You should just move to Somalia!” or North Korea, or somewhere equally bad. You’ll never hear anyone one say “If you don’t like it here, move to Monaco!” or “If you don’t like it here, move to Malta!” Do they secretly suspect the truth, that maybe you ARE more free in other countries? [Read more…]