Trigger Blessing


Triggers are good, and rather than avoid reliving intense experiences, we should embrace them.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way and started at the thrilling conclusion, let’s go back and explore the counterintuitive idea that it’s a good idea to embrace the sources of our deepest pain.

The trigger, the beloved bogeyman of social justice warriors eager for a justification to shut down contrarian discourse, nonetheless represents something real. Traumatic experiences, once past, are buried deep within the furthest recesses of our persistent memory, locked away safe and far from our present mind. Triggers are the keys to the holding cells of the brain, threatening to release whatever rampaging monster of pain we keep locked away.

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The Sweetness of Severance


Loss can become addictive.

Humans do not strive for adversity. Our deepest longings are for love, fulfillment, prosperity, and security, while the pervasive cancer that is our fear is nourished by the prospect of the loss of those things. This fear of loss drives us to success, but can also paralyze us, leaving us unable to embark upon the long and treacherous path of risk. Yet, burning bridges to the treasured aspects of one’s life can become a bit of a drug.

There is a certain air of masochism to the whole affair. For those who have become accustomed to loss, its familiarity can be a source of comfort in uncertain times. It is what we deserve, the only purpose for our wretched existence. Loss is pain, though pain without fear, and fear can be more agonizing than pain itself.

A fatalistic approach to loss can also prove attractive. Cynicism is empowering, as it gives us control over dark circumstances. Predicting with success brings a feeling of pride and accomplishment, and in times of difficulty, the predestination of pain is paradoxically uplifting. Through the power of the self-fulfilling prophecy, even the dullest among us can become wizards. [Read more…]