Whither Daddy?


Everyone has a father. Not everyone has a daddy.

Never forget that. You might not have that problem, but rest assured, there are plenty who do. Some are orphaned. Some are abandoned by their fathers during childhood. Some never even know who their fathers were.

Some have fathers, adoptive fathers, or stepfathers in their lives. They may even live under the same roof with a father figure. But that doesn’t mean that person is “daddy.” You could live with your biological father who provides for you, is faithfully married to your mother, never mistreats you, and overall exhibits all the outward signs of being a good father. And yet that person will never never have that special place in your estimation and heart. You will never feel a deep affection or connection towards him. You will never admire him. You will never fully trust him. You will never want to grow up to be just like him, or marry a similar man.

However, those of us with no daddy aren’t always doomed to such a fate for the rest of our years. Whether we like it or not, boys will seek role models to emulate, and girls will look for that prince charming archetype to embody everything they want in a man. And neither come with a pre-approved list of potential daddy candidates; they seek and they find. That means that any of us could potentially become someone’s daddy. Maybe without even knowing it. [Read more…]