Gary Johnson: New Hampshire’s Choice?


Gary Johnson has won the endorsement of New Hampshire’s largest paper, as well as a majority in the paper’s online reader poll.

The Union Leader ended over a century-long tradition of backing the Republican Party nominee for president by snubbing Donald Trump in favor of the Libertarian Party’s candidate Gary Johnson. To add to this unprecedented turnaround, a sizable majority of the paper’s readers echoed the editorial board’s sentiments by indicating Johnson as the presidential candidate that most closely echoed their values, by a margin equal to support for both Clinton and Trump combined. [Read more…]

How Your Brain Type Affects Your Views on Gary Johnson


Gary Johnson: the leader the Libertarian Party needs, or a sellout and a fraud? No, neither of those two options is either right or wrong. However, how you answer that question is very revealing about your brain type. Yes, I know individualism trumps all, that truth is absolute and all that fun stuff… but the reality is, your opinion on Johnson and the way he has conducted his 2016 presidential campaign is highly reflective on how you’re wired.

DISCLAIMER: Other than actual research on brain styles influencing political views down below, this is all personal opinion based on first-hand experiences. We’re all different and have our own motivations for our choices and views, so don’t get enraged if you disagree. [Read more…]

Gary Johnson Snags Joe Rogan Endorsement


Joe Rogan has just endorsed Gary Johnson for president, tweeting out that he was the only reasonable choice remaining in the race.

After an announcement that CNN would be once again hosting a town hall with Johnson and his running mate Bill Weld, Rogan dubbed the libertarian ticket the only one left with a sense of sanity.

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Gary Johnson Capitalizes on Cruz Snub, #NeverTrump


Former GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz urged Republican National Convention goers to “vote their conscience” instead of blindly supporting Donald Trump, a statement Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson took as an endorsement for his candidacy.

Rather than endorse Trump, Cruz urged voters to non-specifically follow their conscience:

“Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.”

Johnson took these comments, both because of their content and because of their omission of the Republican nominee, to mean an endorsement of the Libertarian Party ticket:

“He did say to vote for Gary Johnson, didn’t he? And that was ‘vote your conscience.’ I certainly would uphold the Constitution.”

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Libertarians: Don’t Ruin Your Big Moment

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Credit: Gage Skidmore

The libertarian moment is finally happening. Faced with the horrifying prospect of either a predestined Machiavellian queen or a political sock puppet come to life claiming the White House, rational American voters are looking to anyone who can save them from their fate. And, like the nerd patiently waiting for his crush to get tired of dating jocks, the Libertarian Party is there for them. This time, however, it seems the urge to go third party is more than just some empty threat. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson has reached as high as 11% in recent polls (15% being the minimum requirement to get into the presidential debates along with the major party candidates), interest on Google in the Libertarian Party spiked to record levels for May and June, and Johnson and his running mate Bill Weld presented a respectable front at a historic town hall hosted by CNN, viewed by nearly 1 million people. The libertarian moment might finally be here.

Unless, of course, it’s not a libertarian moment at all. Scores of the liberty faithful are upset over the LP’s choice of nominees, saying Gary Johnson isn’t libertarian enough (or at all). As for Weld, he might as well be the cursed second coming of Mitt Romney. Yes, this is not exactly the glorious return of the Ron Paul revolution. However, it still is the great libertarian moment we’ve been waiting for. No, I’m not necessarily suggesting that liberty lovers vote Libertarian this election, and I certainly am not saying that they should voice nothing but wholehearted support for all of Johnson’s policy positions. What I am saying is that, rather than eating their own, libertarians should capitalize on the moment in the spotlight to advance their ideas. Here’s why the Libertarian Party’s rise is good for the cause liberty: [Read more…]