One Aspect of UK Politics America Should Adopt

Vince Perfetto is an American liberty activist travelling abroad. He shares his insights gained from experiencing other cultures at

If America imported this one particular thing from the UK, it would change presidential politics forever. I’m certainly not one to care who the current American Ceasar is or who the next one will be. Although I proudly supported and voted for Dr. Paul in the 2012 primary, I haven’t voted in the general election for president since 2008, and I don’t plan on ever voting for any federal politician again for the rest of my life. The less attention we all pay to Washington DC, the better.

Even though I won’t be bothered to check a box next to the lesser of two evils to elect the new Narcissist-in-Chief, I have to admit, while living in the UK for the past couple of months, there’s one feature that I really wish the United States would import from their former rulers, if only for its entertainment value: Prime Minister’s Question Time (PMQs). Members of Parliament (“MPs”, similar to Congressman in the US) get to ask the Prime Minister (“PM”, similar to the US president) questions for at least 30 minutes every Wednesday that Parliament is in session. [Read more…]

What Will Replace the Constitution?


“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” – Yogi Berra

We’ve reached a pivotal moment in American history. No, it’s not: “Should we return to strict adherence to the Constitution.” It’s: “What comes next?”

The United States of America was that great experiment in constitutionally-limited government. Its main prospect was to maximize freedom by beating the authoritarians to the punch, establishing a government inherently hampered in its ability to grow and dominate the lives of its subjects. The result of this experiment has been centuries of unprecedented freedom and prosperity that has reverberated far beyond American shores. The bottom line: freedom works.

However, somewhere along the way, something happened to the concept of constitutionally-limited government. Authoritarian forces slowly chipped away at restrictions placed upon them, using every loophole possible to avoid established limits on their ability to dominate their fellow man. Now, we have reached a point beyond pretense where government brazenly acts how it wishes without restriction, spying on its citizens without enumerated authority to do so, engaging in wars without any declaration thereof, and laughing in the face of due process when robbing citizens of their rights. The question of authorization isn’t even disputed, it’s laughed at and dismissed out of hand. Big government won, and self-government lost. The Constitution is now just a piece of paper. [Read more…]