Five Killed in Shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Airport, Where Guns Are Prohibited

Five have been killed and eight injured in a shooting today at the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida, a state with relatively restrictive firearms laws.

At 1:00pm local time, a gunman in his 20s wearing a Star Wars shirt opened fire in Terminal 2, killing five and injuring eight more. He is currently in police custody and, according to Sheriff Scott Israel, he was apprehended without any additional shots fired.

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13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty – Learn to Defend Yourself


Barely over a week left in this election season madness. The foolish among us are dedicated to seeing one of the two historically-repulsive major party candidates win a decisive victory. Many of the rest are hiding at home, depressed and terrified, waiting for it all to be over. Those of us who have been reading this ongoing list of 13 nonpolitical ways to fight for liberty, however, have it much better. By now you all are buried deep in Bitcoin and encryption while going black-market agorist with some of your money, giving to the needy with what remains. But you still get ready to dial 911 every time you think you might be in danger. It’s time to change that last part. [Read more…]

Gun Rights Won

gun owners

It might seem to early to know for sure, but I’m calling it: gun ownership rights have won in America.

Now, I’m not saying that the struggle is over. No, there are still many battles yet to come, and there will be ups and downs in the conflict. But make no mistake: the war has been won.

Those of you who aren’t so convinced might point to recent examples such as New York and Massachusetts, where various forms of regulations have prevailed and even become stronger. Exceptions always exist to a rule, however, and such occurrences isolated to traditional big-government stronghold areas do nothing to slow the greater trend towards firearms ownership freedom. A few cases in particular really illustrate the trend:

The assault weapons ban failed. Lest we forget, during the Clinton years there was a ban on so-called “assault weapons” in place that has since expired. For the last five years the U.S. government has been under pretty solid Democratic Party control. During this time, a recent spate of highly-visible school shootings occurred, culminating in the Sandy Hook tragedy, a veritable perfect storm for would-be gun-grabbers. With a sympathetic media and a ready gun control plan years in the making, it should have been like taking candy from a baby. As it turns out, this was one fierce and obstinate metaphorical baby.

Gun rights have won at the state level in big ways. Arizona, traditionally a very pro-gun state, took its reputation a step further in 2010 by implementing permitless concealed carry, meaning a citizen can now carry a concealed firearm without obtaining any permit whatsoever. The Grand Canyon State is also the site of the assassination attempt on famous gun-control advocate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who post-Sandy Hook and the attempt on her own life has been leading the charge for stricter gun regulations. Unsuccessfully so. Arizona holds firm, and Ohio, our second prime example, has just recently allowed concealed carry in certain school districts, formerly the hallowed strongholds of so-called “gun-free zones.”

The internet-fueled public opinion war went to the gun owners This is a brave new age of heretofore-unfathomable information flow. Media, public officials, and certain experts used to be the gatekeepers of the debate surrounding major issues. Now, thanks to social media, everyone from hardworking businessmen to full-time moms can participate in the discussion with a few clicks. Faced with a national (and global) discussion completely outside of their control, the foes of firearm rights fell short.

The war is far from over, and at this point it could easily go either way; but I’m still calling it. Firearm ownership rights’ biggest challenge completely failed, even backfired. The decentralizing power of the internet was simply too strong. How about the rest of the world? I can’t say. However, seeing how the information age has allowed this conflict to turn out so far, and knowing the borderless nature of the internet, it probably won’t be too long before the rest of the developed world follows suit.

It may still be early in the battle over the private right to own a firearm, but not too early to see the handwriting on the wall. It’s time to face it: gun rights won.

Do We Need Nanny?


Are we as a people able to take care of ourselves, or do we need managing and planning in order to live happy, successful lives?

The question comes to the forefront as New York City’s mayor (and meddler-in-chief) Michael Bloomberg’s controversial ban on large soft drinks was smacked down. While New Yorkers everywhere (but mostly in New York) celebrated their newly rediscovered consumer freedom, news host and notorious gun control advocate Piers Morgan had to rain on the parade, suggesting that “people need the nanny state occasionally.” He was dead wrong… but also strangely right.

Wrong, because the government has no right to tell the people how to run their lives. Because certain people don’t have ownership over certain others. Because a bureaucrat is completely oblivious to the everyday needs, thoughts, and considerations of the average person, and can’t possibly make an accurate decision to further the citizen’s goals. Because a person will seek to fulfill his or her needs regardless of legal obstacles.

Right, because thinking is hard work. Because personal liberty also comes with personal responsibility. Because making our own best decisions, and standing by them, is a frightening prospect, and even the wrong decision by another is safer than having to make the right one ourselves. Because, even if we manage to secure liberty, right at this moment we don’t deserve it.

Photo credit: Dan Iggers

The Righteous Fist

A man walks calmly through a park. Another man approaches him and, after a brief exchange (consisting mainly of “I don’t want no trouble, man” from the first and “Eyyy, Chuck Norris!” and “Wanna go, huh? Let’s throw down right here!” from the second), a fight breaks out. One of them is going to end up on the ground, battered and defeated. Morally, does it matter who wins? Yes, yes it does… very much so.

Today’s first world citizens have it good. The spoiled denizens of North America, Western Europe, and selective parts of East Asia have grown up in a world of unprecedented prosperity, civil rights, and overall life expectancy. The unintended side-effect of this wondrous age in which some of us live is the ease of living in denial as to the harsh realities of the world. This has given birth to the concept of a “post-violence world,” which, unfortunately, is as dangerous as it is ridiculous. Now we have a culture that puts self-defense in the same moral category as other violence.

The fact is, folks, that no matter how good the world gets, it will never be perfect. Why? Because human civilization will always include people, and people are scum. There will always be someone who, given the opportunity, will visit violence and destruction upon his fellow man. It is logistically quite impossible to keep everyone protected at all times through law enforcement, and citizens must therefore take some steps to protect themselves from their malicious fellows. But far beyond that, self-defense, as a concept and an inalienable right, is a moral necessity.

I believe in the inalienable right to exist. No government body gives you this right, you are born with it. You are innocent in existing. If anyone seeks to harm or destroy you, they already threw their right to perfect safety to the wind. Removing your right to self-defense, i.e. the right to struggle to continue existing, is essentially making your right to exist innocently conditional at best, nonexistent at worst. The idea that each and every one of us is guilty simply by existing is morally reprehensible.

In this world we must make a stand against violence and the abuse of the innocent. Understand that the violent don’t listen to words. They only listen to the fist. We must therefore maintain the ability to use the fist righteously.