Legislators Take Heat from Americans for Prosperity for Anti-Liberty Votes


This year, state-based grassroots issue advocacy organization Americans for Prosperity (AFP) flexed its muscle, both in New Hampshire and nationwide, causing a significant political shakeup among legislators who voted for more government spending and regulations.

According to Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) Grassroots Director Ross Connolly, the organization employed a dedicated army of grassroots activists to influence issues of economic freedom:

“Our efforts to hold politicians accountable for supporting Obamacare Medicaid expansion or being against pro-job growth initiatives such as Right to Work all centered around a large, local and dedicated volunteer base doing the hard work of talking directly to citizens about these issues. The end result of thousands of doors knocked and tens of thousands of phone calls, was these issues becoming a top concern for citizens across the state, and also legislators who realized how important these issues were to their constituents.”

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Americans for Prosperity Comes Down Hard on “Liberty” Rep. LaChance


Saturday, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) participated in a grassroots activism campaign in Manchester to hold local state representative Joe LaChance accountable for voting to expand Medicaid to able-bodied adults.

LaChance, a former libertarian Republican endorsed by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (and with a former A+ voting record), decided to break with his record and not only vote for, but become the prime sponsor of, HB1696, a bill to expand Medicaid in New Hampshire. The bill will have the effect of providing taxpayer-funded healthcare free of charge to able-bodied, working-age adults with no preexisting medical conditions. In other words, a free healthcare ride for those capable of working for their own, courtesy of the NH taxpayer.

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