4 Things I Learned Doing Jury Nullification Outreach

Photo credit: Randy Clemens (RandyClemens.com)

Photo credit: Randy Clemens (RandyClemens.com)

It’s no secret I’ve been active in jury nullification outreach. You see, jurors in the United States act as the people’s voice in the justice system, protecting against an overreaching government putting citizens in jail for ridiculous reasons. Part of this sacred duty is the ability to refuse the conviction of a defendant, even if the facts clearly point to the law being broken. Sometimes, the moral thing to do is to nullify a bad law, or a bad application of the law.

Here’s four things I learned while educating jurors about this right to nullify:
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13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty


Like many before it, this election season has underscored the futility of American politics. Never before in recent memory have we been presented with choices so hostile to liberty. Politically speaking, we’re in for a rough, divisive next four years, with plenty of government expansion of power.

Thankfully, we have alternatives to politics. There are much better ways of effecting change for good than through voting. So don’t despair: get to work. Here are 13 of the best ways to advance the cause of human liberty outside of the political system.

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13 Nonpolitical Ways to Fight for Liberty – Jury Nullification


In one week, millions of Americans will go to the polls, holding their nose, to stop Donald Trump from getting elected. Millions more are heading out to support someone they don’t believe in just to fight Hillary Clinton. But not you. You’re just hiding under a blanket. Or, if you’ve had the good fortune to start reading my list of 13 ways to advance liberty before the election, you’re much less sad, and are busy with Bitcoin, encryption, and guns. You’ll be spending your money on agorist business and throwing a couple bucks to private charity. But the cops can still haul you away for any number of nonsense reasons and ruin your life. Let’s do something about that now. [Read more…]

Jury Nullification to Fight Victimless Crimes: Interview with Kirsten Tynan


A victimless crime is where a person breaks the law while harming no one. These can range from failure to pay fines, registration and paperwork mixups, morality laws, and more, however the most common and egregious example of victimless crimes is drug prohibition, where a person could potentially spend a lifetime locked away for perusing recreational substances in the privacy of their own home.

To combat this, activists have taken steps to inform jurors of their right to vote “not guilty,” even in cases where the defendant has clearly run afoul of the law, thereby nullifying an unjust law. In New Hampshire in particular, jury rights activists informed over 3,000 jurors of their right to nullify last year.

I interviewed Kirsten Tynan, executive director of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA), about the importance of jury nullification in a free society. [Read more…]