This Week in Concord – Cannabis Legalization, NH Independence

The author is a New Hampshire state representative committed to advancing the cause of liberty

This week there are a number of bills scheduled for their public hearings that affect many Granite Staters. All of the hearings on these bills are open to the public but the hearings on these bills this week will be the only chance for members of the public to give testimony until the bills crossover to the Senate. I strongly recommend attending any of these committee hearings if you are able. [Read more…]

Ruben Loved Cows: A True Tale of Vigilante Justice


The following is a true story. Names have been changed and details omitted to protect the privacy and safety of all parties involved

Ruben loved cows. In fact, he loved cows too much. In the end, it was his undoing.

What Ruben never did love much, however, was working hard. His wife earned most of what was needed to support the couple and their two preschool children living in the rural north of Mexico. Lack of work never kept Ruben from being busy, however.

Ruben had a reputation for stealing cows from the neighboring ranches, supplementing his lack of hard work with a side-stream of ill-gotten cow cash. He was charged many times with theft, but was always released for “lack of evidence.” After all, once a cow is turned into hamburger, who’s to say whose cow it was? [Read more…]