Why the US Should Support a Kurdish State


As most Americans are aware, the Islamic State (ISIS) has a strong foothold in Syria and western Iraq. However, most U.S. citizens are woefully under-informed as to the actual status of Middle Eastern affairs. ISIS is engaged in armed conflict on several fronts throughout the Middle East, however the most significant and perhaps the most worthy of American attention is the Kurdish theater.

Kurdish independence a threat to ISIS

Kurdistan is a region in northern Iraq that has been a target of several ISIS offensives in 2015 and 2016. The reason for this is likely that the Kurds, unlike most other parts of the Middle East, have a robust independence movement. This is due to having a common language and a strong, unique cultural background very different from the people of southern Iraq. The peshmerga, a loosely organized group of Kurdish fighters, have consistently been capable of fending off the ISIS offensives. For this reason, ISIS views Kurdistan as a threat to their expansion across the country. [Read more…]