Silver Spoon Soldiers

soldiers relaxing

Morality face-off! Who’s the better man? The guy who joins the military right out of high school to pay the bills? Or the trust-fund baby who goes to college on his parents’ dime?

Our common sensibilities seem to side with the soldier on this one. Not mine. I’m going to have to with the privileged university student instead. He clearly displays more personal and social responsibility.

Now hear me out. To be fair, the life of the young soldier is more difficult and requires hard work, both of which build character. But that’s a discussion for another day. I’m talking about one thing, and one thing only: dependency.

You see, when you live off of your parents’ fortunes, you suck income off of a pair of individuals. These people have probably been planning their finances for years with you in mind, and voluntarily support their legally-adult children. And they can withdraw their support at any time if you push your luck too far.

The soldier, on the other hand, sucks finances from a whole country. These are individuals who didn’t plan on supporting him, and who only do so because they’ll be thrown in jail if they refuse. If at any time the people are dissatisfied with the soldier’s performance, too bad. They have to keep paying. And finally, let’s not forget that the soldier costs considerably more than even the swankiest education and lifestyle.

Soldier vs. spoiled student. Who’s the bigger parasite? The soldier. Hands down.