Gary Johnson: New Hampshire’s Choice?


Gary Johnson has won the endorsement of New Hampshire’s largest paper, as well as a majority in the paper’s online reader poll.

The Union Leader ended over a century-long tradition of backing the Republican Party nominee for president by snubbing Donald Trump in favor of the Libertarian Party’s candidate Gary Johnson. To add to this unprecedented turnaround, a sizable majority of the paper’s readers echoed the editorial board’s sentiments by indicating Johnson as the presidential candidate that most closely echoed their values, by a margin equal to support for both Clinton and Trump combined. [Read more…]

Liberty’s Last Hope Is in New Hampshire

For anyone who values liberty, it can easily seem like a lost world. Between a ballooning federal debt, massive tax and regulatory burden, and an increasingly violent and pervasive police state, hope for a free and peaceful world is hard to come by.

Hard, but not impossible. Thankfully, there is indeed hope, in the form of a determined group of liberty activists that’s growing by the day: the members of the Free State Project.

With libertarians spread far too thin to see any definitive impact at reducing the size and scope of government, a group of liberty activists hatched a plan to focus their efforts in one geographically small, low-population area, starting with New Hampshire: the Live Free or Die state. The original goal was to get 20,000 participants to sign a pledge to move to New Hampshire, where they would participate in the electoral process in order to whittle away at the state from within. Now, while some participants do still enter politics to make a change, many more have joined the struggle for liberty in other areas, from starting agorist businesses that do not take part in the government tax structure, to filming police and holding them accountable, to civil disobedience. So far, over 16,000 signers have pledged to move once the 20,000 number has been reached, and almost 2,000 have already moved without waiting for the final number to be achieved. [Read more…]

First car bought with Bitcoin in New Hampshire

New Hampshire history was made when Robert Mathias and Darryl Perry, two Free State Project participants, engaged in the state’s first ever Bitcoin car purchase, further cementing the Free State as a haven of alternative, government-less economic activity.

Even better, the newly-christened “bitmobile” sports vanity plates reading “BITCOIN” as a constant reminder of what can be done without involving government currency whatsoever.

It’s a new age where anything is possible. Money and efficient transactions without government or banks? You’d better believe it.

Bitcoin Is the People’s Currency

Photo credit: Isoviki

Photo credit: Isoviki

Bitcoin, everyone’s favorite online cryptocurrency, has taken the world by storm. It’s easy and practically free to use, almost instantaneous, doesn’t lose its value to inflation like government-controlled currencies, and has a healthy degree of privacy and anonymity.

Best of all, Bitcoin makes agorism (economic activity deliberately outside of state control) laughably easy. To illustrate this point, I lived for a week in Manchester, New Hampshire, spending Bitcoin every day. What I found was that a small group of people can already live outside the government controlled economy, even without a large, established infrastructure of participating businesses.

Over my seven days on Bitcoin I paid for numerous meals, went clothes shopping, bought coffee, got a taxi ride, tipped a server at a private club, and donated to charity. The best part? Only twice (the clothes shopping via a Gyft gift card and coffee at the Pão Café) did I use an established, official business. All the rest were transactions between individuals, made possible by a network of willing participants and the incredible ease of sending exact amounts Bitcoin instantly, to anyone, at no cost. [Read more…]

The Atlantic Lynx

atlantic lynx The time has finally come.

The battle for human liberty must rage on. This is truly a worldwide struggle, as the whole of humanity yearns to live free. However, some areas are more crucial to the struggle than others. Sometimes, a significant victory in one key area is all that is required for a domino effect to take place. For that reason, the time has come for a change.

Effective immediately, The Desert Lynx is picking up its base of operations and relocating to the Eastern Front in New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. From here we will report on the most vibrant, and effective, liberty movement in the world. From here we will see the world change. From here we will change it ourselves.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Great things are coming. Desert Lynx out.

In the Free State You Can Win

Photo credit: Lucio Saverio Eastman

Photo credit: Lucio Saverio Eastman

“The winner in a political contest is ultimately determined by the number and the effectiveness of the activists and leaders on the respective sides.” – Morton Blackwell

The police state is coming. Hundreds of police departments are buying armored vehicles to suppress popular uprisings, will of the people be damned. It seemed as if every effort to stop the militarization of America’s police was doomed to fail.

Until now.

The city of Concord, New Hampshire underestimated the power of effective and organized activists. By targeting members of the Free State Project in a grant application to the Department of Homeland Security for a Bearcat armored vehicle, Concord’s police department stirred the hornet’s nest. A successful protest by Free Staters, coupled with widespread media attention, successfully defeated the Bearcat. For now. It’ll be back as soon as the storm of furious activism passes. But the Free Staters will be ready.

There are things you can’t fight – acts of God. You see the police state coming, you get out of the way. But when you’re in the Free State, you can finally fight the the police state. You can win.