Protect Happiness With Guns

tank barrel

Government is force, and everything relegated to its domain is enforced through the very real threat of violence. Why don’t socialists in the Western world get this very basic fact?

Just ask the North Koreans. They should know.

In this DPRK propaganda video, a young woman rips an “uncaring” United States for not providing for its poor, and extolls her socialist government’s mythical ability to care for its subjects’ every need. The video ends with the eerie statement that “socialism is superior and the great army protects our happiness with guns.” (emphasis added)

That’s the blunt reality of the matter: In a socialist society, the supposed happiness of the people is enforced under penalty of death. Use that much death and force to keep the people from living free and productive lives, and what do you get? Not the North Korea portrayed in that propaganda film. The REAL North Korea. That’s hardly anyone’s definition of happiness.