Ron Paul: Whoever Wins the Election, Gold Goes Up


According to Ron Paul, whoever wins the election in November, gold will be the real victor.

The elder statesman of the libertarian movement and former Republican presidential candidate has remained apathetic about which major presidential candidate claims victory next month. However, he remains convinced that uncertainty will result no matter the outcome of the election, as he told CNBC in an interview:

“Politically speaking, there is going to be a lot more uncertainty and that may go into the markets. If people are depending on political stability to get the market going I don’t think it’s going to work out.”

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How Your Brain Type Affects Your Views on Gary Johnson


Gary Johnson: the leader the Libertarian Party needs, or a sellout and a fraud? No, neither of those two options is either right or wrong. However, how you answer that question is very revealing about your brain type. Yes, I know individualism trumps all, that truth is absolute and all that fun stuff… but the reality is, your opinion on Johnson and the way he has conducted his 2016 presidential campaign is highly reflective on how you’re wired.

DISCLAIMER: Other than actual research on brain styles influencing political views down below, this is all personal opinion based on first-hand experiences. We’re all different and have our own motivations for our choices and views, so don’t get enraged if you disagree. [Read more…]

Trump Is Ron Paul’s Real Successor

Ronald Trump

Ron Paul started a revolution, a mass movement of Americans fed up with politics as usual. That movement survived both of Paul’s recent presidential campaigns, and is alive and stronger than ever in the 2016 election, under the banner of its new leader: Donald Trump.

Now before you nail me to a cross wrapped in the Constitution with a placard reading “King of the Liberty Heretics,” calm your religious fervor and allow me to explain. Donald Trump is in no way the philosophical successor of Ron Paul; the two couldn’t be further apart in that regard. In terms of approach to governance and commitment to liberty, Trump likely has more in common with the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea than he does with Dr. Paul. Of the Republican presidential field vying for victory in the 2016 election, the candidate who most resembles Ron Paul’s ideals is his son, Rand. That’s not what this is about.

The few, proud, hardcore liberty lovers there were in 2008 instantly related to Ron Paul’s message of freedom. However, let’s not pretend that his libertarianism is what set the movement in motion; if that had been the case, the liberty firestorm would have been ignited by any number of philosophically sound candidates during the previous decades. The real appeal of the Paul candidacy was his honest, unabashed populism. Here was a man who couldn’t be bought. Who fought for the little guy. Who wanted to end politics as usual. This was a guy who was incorruptible, who had a certain crazy fire in his eye, and had speeches that told us what we all needed to hear: “I’m on your side, I won’t let you down, and I’ll fight for you with all my might until my dying breath.” Ron Paul wasn’t just an ally. He was a damn superhero. [Read more…]

Follow the Youth

YAL youth

Political movements come. Political movements go. Which ones will last? Which ones will fail? How do we identify the principles that will shape our future?

The answer: follow the youth.

Now that might lead us to believe that Barack Obama’s 2008 election campaign was the real deal, the game-changer for the future of the American political landscape. Not so fast. A massive PR con job that lasts one election cycle isn’t quite the same as an organic, lasting, growing youth movement. Young people might be impressionable, but they’re quick to learn. A younger, multi-ethnic frontman with a minimal political record can only hide the same tired old policies for so long. Soon enough, the youth will abandon a false prophet of hope and change and get behind someone who is truly on their side. Someone who sincerely fights for their future.

And that’s exactly what happened. Take another, opposite, unlikely youth leader: Ron Paul.

The political career or Dr. Ron Paul can easily be viewed as a failure. During his generation-long service in Congress, only one out of the 620 pieces of legislation he sponsored ever became law, hardly an encouraging sign of success. Paul ran three times for President of the United States, and all three times fell far short of victory. Earlier this year he retired from Congress, quietly slipping out of the public sphere.

But Dr. Paul didn’t fall short where it really mattered: inspiring future generations with hope. The firey youth-based movement he rallied refused to die long after his political campaigns came to an end. Organizations like the Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty continue to carry out the work of his movement. And they’re not going anywhere. They’re only getting stronger.

While time will be the ultimate judge as to the lasting impact of Ron Paul’s youth movement, the signs are already there. I witnessed one of these signs firsthand this past weekend at a Young Americans for Liberty conference in Fullerton, California. Dr. Paul addressed a room full of youth activists via Skype, some of whom had driven all day to be able to attend. An old man in his office bent over a computer received a standing ovation from a packed auditorium thousands of miles away, full of young people of every ethnicity, gender and background, most of whom were younger than his own grandchildren. This happened in California, a state known for adopting policies opposite of what Paul spent his life advocating. Proof be damned, this one powerful piece of evidence spoke with the force of a thousand statistics. Make no mistake: Ron Paul has won the youth of America.

The youth are the future. Those who control the youth, therefore, control the future. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that. And, judging from the lasting impact of the movement Dr. Ron Paul inspired, the future has been won for liberty.

Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore