Trust Is Debt-Based Currency


One phrase that will make me instantly feel I can’t trust you: “Trust me.”

Trust is believing something or someone in the absence of hard evidence. If someone asks you to trust them (or otherwise tries to gain your trust), they are trying to get you to believe that they will do right by you based solely on their word. Trust is investing in someone’s character based on the abstract feeling that you’ll totally win big from it someday. When you trust someone, you’re effectively paying real money (sometimes metaphorically, sometimes literally), and when asked what you got for it, you answer “Oh nothing yet. But I have this really good feeling that I’ll get something eventually.”

Most people spend their lives trying to figure out who they can trust. I think this is totally backwards. Instead, we should be dealing with people who don’t require our trust. We should get off of a trust-based system and demand something real instead. [Read more…]