Anarchist’s Guide to Voting


Do you believe in a world without government? Follow the Non-Aggression Principle? Hold that voting is violence? Then this article is for you. I’m going to tell you why you should vote.

No, I’m not here to tell you to vote for pro-liberty candidates who will in turn enact legislation that will reduce the size and scope of government, thereby making you more free. While that’s certainly a convincing argument to some, I’m not addressing this to those who would be persuaded by it. No, I’m talking to the cantankerous anarchist who refuses to legitimize the system. Who makes more election-day posts about why voting is useless than partisan politicos make about why it’s useful. I’m talking to you. Yes, you, you incorrigible bastard.

Voting is active dissent. “If you don’t vote you can’t complain.” Ever hear that? That’s because by not having a presence in the electoral system, you’re allowing people who do vote have complete say over your world. You’re passively accepting your fate. Not that it makes any difference, but if you vote and it doesn’t work, then you get to complain that voting doesn’t work. [Read more…]

Why the Youth Are Avoiding Politics

Photo credit: Michael Coghlan

Photo credit: Michael Coghlan

Young people just aren’t getting involved anymore. And you really can’t blame them.

Yes, you heard that right: I’m defending lack of youth participation in politics.

It’s not that the next generation has no sense of public service or greater social responsibility. In fact, the opposite is true. They just don’t trust in the government to effect real change. And are they so wrong in their distrust? After all, they voted for hope and change. For peace. For transparency. And what did they get? A government that persecutes whistleblowers with a vengeance. More wars. More of the same across the board, with no hope in sight.

The youth, it seems, have predicted the future, and by doing so will render it a self-fulfilling prophecy. The future in question: we’re moving towards a voluntary world. The era where all of society’s great issues are dealt with by abdicating to government is over. Now, today’s young folk are doing precisely what is required to build a brilliant future: taking said future directly into their own hands.

So don’t bemoan Gen Y’s flight from involvement in the system. The leaders of tomorrow are simply building their own system of dealing with the world’s challenges. And they’re going to be just fine.