The Revolution Will Be Digitized

digital revolution

Imagine a puzzle that became harder to solve
each time you solved it.
And those who answer this riddle
are rewarded with chunks of data
which serve as currency
that threatens the greedy pigs
who rely on you and I
to replenish their troughs.

This so-called threat
is a digital rebel
that hides deep in the crypt,
outside of the corporate
Ponzi scheme.

Forged in a cooperative money system
absent of hierarchy
or centralization,
the rebel shatters
the monopoly of the cartel.

The well-dressed thieves
who purchased the United States
despise this treasonous technology
as do the bureaucrats
who thirst for a chunk
of what they see as theirs.

The dollar bills in your pocket
were created by banksters
armed with the blessing
of the ruling class.
Bank notes from the cartel
are receipts for debt purchased
based on that which is owed

This digital rebel,
represents that which is owned
A nation of owners
cannot be debt slaves

This digital paradigm shift
is the automobile
to the cartel’s horse carriage,
only one shall be rendered obsolete.


Daniel Cuevas
Daniel Cuevas
After nearly a decade as a journalist in New York City, Daniel Cuevas now runs the Manchvegas Press in New Hampshire, and writes poetry for the page as well as the microphone.