What A Great Idea

war profit

War for war’s sake does not help the economy
Any more than breaking a window creates a job.
If that were the case, then why not increase
military adventurism until the economy improves?

In fact, why outsource overseas at all?
Those foreigners are taking away jobs from Americans!
Washington can march right in and topple itself
and replace the existing government
with a puppet regime, accountable only to Washington
and the corporate cogs in their war machine.

Those could be American weddings hit with drone strikes
It could be American bodies piled in a heap
Because there wouldn’t be enough time to bury them all
Let’s make America great again

The previous regime
had access to weapons of mass destruction
as well as massive oil reserves
which can pay for the war

or at least pay off the cronies
And stick the taxpayers with the bill
Future Americans can pay for a war
they weren’t even alive to see.

But think of how great it will be
when all those new jobs are added
as the severance checks are sent to the morgue
Let’s make America great again

What a great idea!
Washington can introduce democracy
and free, open elections to the American people
who thought they had those all along

Washington could fight the insurgents
whose homes have been invaded
their neighbors killed, their streets reduced to rubble.
They can only be pushed so far.
before they take up arms to resist the invading army.

The President can tell us we have to fight them over here
so we won’t have to fight them over there
Let’s Make America Great Again

What a great idea!
But this shall be a national effort
We’ll need every American we can capture, I mean, get

Daniel Cuevas
Daniel Cuevas
After nearly a decade as a journalist in New York City, Daniel Cuevas now runs the Manchvegas Press in New Hampshire, and writes poetry for the page as well as the microphone.